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Coronavirus has taken another life.

Physical fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk has passed away at the age of 33 after experiencing problems connected to COVID-19 The social networks star’s ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, with whom he shared 3 kids, confirmed his death in a comprehensive Instagram post on Saturday, Oct. 17.

” Yes, we didn’t have an excellent relationship. Yes, there were many issues. This relationship offered us so much,” Sofia shared in Russian, which has actually been equated to English. “We have lived and experienced so much with you. You were there in grief and in pleasure … I will remain grateful to you for the rest of my life for our three lovely kids.”

” We were no longer together, however it injures me no less,” she continued.

In closing, she wrote, “You are our guardian angel and your love will constantly secure our angels. How unpleasant it is to realize … Blessed memory of you, Dima Stuzhuk.”

Earlier today, Dmitriy upgraded his one million followers on his health in an Instagram post.

” CORONAVIRUS “COVID”, DAY 8,” he began his caption in Russian, which has also been translated to English. “As you all know from stories, I am sick with coronavirus. Today, after returning home, for the very first time there was an enthusiasm for a minimum of composing something. I want to share how I got sick and convincingly caution everyone: I also believed that there was no covid … Up until I got ill.”

Influencer Dies Of COVID-19 After Telling Fans It “Doesn’t Exist”

According to The Sun, the fitness influencer contracted COVID-19 throughout a journey to Turkey and was treated in his native Ukraine.

The social networks feeling also touched on this in his Instagram post, composing, “I felt bad on the second day in Turkey. I awakened in the middle of the night because my neck was swollen and it was tough to breathe. At the very same time, my stomach ached a little.”

” The next day, a cough started to appear, but there was no temperature level. “After returning from Turkey, I instantly went to take numerous tests, do an ultrasound scan and, just in case, chose to take a COVID test.

” This is another story, due to the fact that now there are restorations going on, the medical facility is totally filled with individuals, some of them live in the corridor,” he described.

The fitness expert likewise described his treatment in information, sharing, “They offered me an oxygen device for breathing, because I have a low oxygen level (although I think it is considered important after 90, for me 94-96 it is quite acceptable for treatment in the house, the doctor in the waiting room told me the same thing).”

He discussed that he did end up being treated at home, after feeling it was “easier and comfy.”

Nevertheless, The Sun reports Dmitriy was rushed back to the hospital following his at-home treatments. Sofia said, per the outlet, that her ex-husband remained in “serious ” condition and “unconscious.”

She exposed that the fitness star had problems with his cardiovascular system. “His heart is not coping,” she revealed at the time. “His state is incredibly grave. Nobody can do anything with this.”

Shortly after, he passed away.


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