Episode 2 of Impeachment: American Criminal Activity Story, entitled “The President Kissed Me,” brings President Costs Clinton (played by Clive Owen) into the story as he starts a relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky (Beanie Feldstein).

As normal with programs based upon real stories, a few of the most over-the-top minutes in the episode are the most real.

The FX series is based upon the book A Large Conspiracy by Jeffrey Toobin, which likewise exposes much more information about that time in the Clinton presidency that did not make it into Impeachment

Keep Reading for our breakdown of what is truth and what is fiction in American Criminal Offense Story Season 3, Episode 2.

The federal government shutdown

In Between November 14 and November 19, 1995, and from December 16, 1995 to January 6, 1996, the federal government was closed down after Clinton banned the costs expense sent out to him by a Republican-controlled Congress.

Throughout this time, 90 of the 430 White Home staff members were furloughed, implying that the workplace was counting on interns– interns like Monica Lewinsky, who was working for Chief of Personnel, Leon Panetta.

Though Impeachment reveals this later on in the episode, it was on the 2nd day of the shutdown (November 15) when Lewinsky flashed Clinton the top of her thong in an effort to make great on what she later on called “extreme flirting” eye contact.

” A licking in the midterms”

Clinton mentions this as one of his governmental issues in his conference with Lewinsky. In 1994, the Republicans won 10 governorships, 8 Senate seats and 54 in your house, enabling them to take both homes from the Democrats. This was the very first time the celebration had control of both homes of Congress because 1952.

Costs Clinton conference JFK

When very first speaking with Monica, Clinton discusses his very first journey to the White Home, where he shook hands with John F. Kennedy as part of a journey arranged by the Boys Country group.

This conference happened on July 24, 1963 when Clinton was16 The minute was even photographed.

“I have a substantial crush on you”

This is something Lewinsky states in her very first personal encounter with the President in the program. This truly taken place, however for some factor the program has actually a little altered what she stated. In truth, Lewinsky later on declared she stated, “you understand, I have a truly huge crush on you.”

” The President kissed me”

The episode gets its title from this quote, stated to Lewinsky to her mom. This kiss took place quickly after Lewinsky’s “truly huge crush line,” after which Clinton welcomed her into his personal research study and kissed her for the very first time.

Though it is disappointed in the episode, the set likewise had a 2nd conference that night. An FBI summary of their interview with Lewinsky stated that Clinton, “put his by far into her trousers. The President got a telephone call from a Congressman or Senator. While talking on the telephone, the President kept “his hand in Lewinsky’s trousers to promote her, therefore triggering her to have an orgasm or 2.”

Monica tossed out of the White Home

On April 5, 1996, Lewinsky was moved from the White Home to the Pentagon. Per Toobin’s book, she was release due to the fact that she was investing excessive time attempting to be around the President, however likewise since she was not great at her task of ensuring mail from Capitol Home made it to the best White Home department.

Impeachment tips that she was moved due to the fact that those around the President understood he was having an affair. This might have held true, however nobody has actually stepped forward to state they understood at this time. Lewinsky especially left the White Home the week after she and the president made what Toobin calls “sexual usage” of a stogie a month after Clinton had actually attempted to end the relationship.

clinton lewinsky impeachment
Clive Owen and Beanie Feldstein in “Impeachment.”

Who learnt about Monica and the President?

Asked the number of individuals understood about the affair in the program by Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson), Lewinsky hints that just a handful of her buddies understood.

In truth, at that point, 11 individuals had actually been informed by Lewinsky about her about the affair– those good friends, plus her mom, auntie and therapist.

Linda’s love of Christmas

Impeachment reveals Lewinsky and Tripp going antiquing, where Tripp speak about her love of Christmas. This appears to be a recommendation to what Tripp did after leaving the Pentagon: She transferred to Virginia and opened a year-round Christmas shop, the site of which still uses copies of her book about her time in the White Home, Basket of Deplorables

November 6, 1996

The scene where Lewinsky waits in a crowd to see Clinton the day after he was re-elected is based upon the following genuine occasion, where Lewinsky can be seen in a beret:

Pink pass

A plot point of Episode 2 is that Lewinsky just has a pink pass, however that does not offer her complete access to the White Home. In her Senate trial deposition, Lewinsky described the significance of the pink pass: “A blue pass [changed to red in the show] offers you access to throughout the White Home and a pink intern pass offers you access to the Old Executive Workplace Structure.”


Clinton asks Lewinsky to speak with “Betty” to organize their conferences, in recommendation to Betty Currie, the President’s individual secretary.

Robert Bork

Here’s a description for that joke about Bork lastly getting to be a Supreme Court justice, if it has actually puzzled you in the very same method that it puzzled Paula Jones (Annaleigh Ashford) in this episode. Bork was chosen for a put on the Supreme Court in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan. His consultation, nevertheless, was turned down by the Senate.

MSNBC shooting Ann Coulter

As the program properly specifies, by 1997 Coulter had actually been fired by MSNBC two times. The very first came when she insulted the late United States Ambassador to France Pamela Harriman throughout protection of her funeral.

She was then rehired and fired once again after a dispute with anti-landmines supporter and Vietnam veteran Robert “Bobby” Muller. In Impeachment, Coulter states that she stated “individuals like you are the factor we lost the war.”

This, nevertheless, is based upon a misquote of Coulter, initially reported in Time quickly after the occasion. In truth, she stated “no surprise you men lost.”

impeachment episode 2 susan
Annaleigh Ashford and Judith Light in “Impeachment” Episode 2.

The Paula Jones video

The video where Jones speak about her supposed unwanted sexual advances at the hands of President Clinton is based upon genuine video The Clinton Chronicles, a VHS offered by the company run by evangelist Jerry Falwell. The video is the source of numerous Clinton conspiracy theories that continue to this day.


Lewinsky is revealed gifting Clinton a design frog. In reality, Clinton gathers frogs. Among the various sources we have for this is star Rob Lowe’s book Stories I Just Inform My Pals, in which Lowe narrates of fulfilling the President with his kid, who was bring a toy frog. Lowe states Cliton stated, “Well, thank you, boy. I wager you didn’t understand, however I gather frogs.”

Clinton’s birthday at the Radio City Music Hall

In August 1996, Clinton turned 50 at a luxurious Radio City Music Hall. American Criminal Offense Story does not discuss this, Lewinsky declares that she got Clinton’s penis throughout their conference at this occasion.

It was for his 50 th anniversary that Lewinsky provided Clinton the tie that is pointed out a couple of times in this episode: A tie that later on enters into the trial.

Hat pin and Leaves of Yard

2 genuine presents that Clinton provided Lewinsky. We formerly saw that copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Yard at the start of Episode 1.

The radio address

Lewinsky was welcomed to see Clinton offer his weekly radio address on February 28,1997 It was quickly after this that Clinton climaxed onto among Lewinsky’s gowns– a gown that would end up being a crucial display in showing the set’s affair. After that encounter, the set would just make love one more time.

Impeachment: American Criminal offense Story airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/ 9 p.m. CT on FX.


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