It remains to be seen if President Donald Trump will continue the custom of leaving a note for his follower, however if he does, specialists are expecting it to concentrate on his achievements and time in office.

The custom of leaving a note for a governmental follower began with Ronald Reagan, who informed his vice president, George H.W. Bush, he ‘d be praying for him. Every president considering that has actually issued a missive to the next in line. However after a controversial post-election season and Trump holding onto the belief that he was cheated out of a 2nd term, it’s uncertain if he’ll continue the custom.

Historically, notes have started off as confidential however have later been made public either by way of governmental narrative or social networks and the press. If President-elect Joe Biden enters the White Home and finds a note from his predecessor, Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio informed Newsweek it’s likely to be a departure from the norm.

” He may leave behind some reminder of his peak but the last thing I would anticipate from him is graciousness however, however, never say never,” D’Antonio stated. “If he were to leave a note, it could state, ‘You’re not legitimate and I know it and I’ll be back.’ He’s so devoted to this brand name of complaint that would be inside any message he leaves and it would be linked to the extension of his cause.”

Typically brief and simple, the majority of the notes from previous presidents attempted to strike a tone of camaraderie regardless of it normally being from the president of one celebration to a president of another celebration. Bush followed Reagan’s lead and wanted Bill Clinton, who beat him in the 1992 election, “excellent joy” during his tenure. He included that Clinton’s success is “now our nation’s success” and that “I am rooting hard for you.”

Clinton then told the younger Bush, George W. Bush, that he was “president of everyone” and continued the tradition of wanting him success and provided prayers to his successor and his family. 8 years later, Bush praised Barack Obama on becoming president and said in the “trying minutes” of his presidency, Bush would be amongst those “pulling” for him.

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If President Donald Trump leaves a letter for President-elect Joe Biden, specialists speculated it would likely include a list of his accomplishments during his time in office. Trump boards Flying force One prior to departing Harlingen, Texas, on January12 .
Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

Governmental historian Kate Anderson suspected any note Trump would leave would be filled with a list of what he considers accomplishments of his time in workplace.

During an interview for her book Group of 5, Anderson stated Trump informed her he sees himself as a “various kind of president” and an individual that doesn’t follow custom.

” Compared to the other notes left behind by leaving presidents it was far less warm and we can understand why,” Anderson stated.

Anderson agreed that Trump’s staunchest fans wouldn’t be on board with the president writing a helpful note to Biden, however didn’t believe it would have an effect on the next presidential election.

Another individual potentially eyeing a 2024 governmental run is Vice President Mike Pence and it’s possible he could select up the duty of inviting the next administration.

Pence broke with Trump over certifying the Electoral College, prepares to be at Biden’s inauguration, whereas the president has actually RSVPed “not going to,” and called Harris to provide his congratulations.


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