Image Source: Getty/ Samuel Corum

What took location at the country’s Capitol was no demonstration. We must call this attack on American democracy what it is– racism, white nationalism, and white advantage on full screen– and some celebrities and public figures have actually summoned the courage to do so.

” White Americans are never scared of the polices, even when they’re committing insurrection.”

Merely referring to those who mobbed the Capitol as “protesters” fails to acknowledge the racism and white privilege in action. As political analyst Joy Reid stated on MSNBC Wednesday, “White Americans are never ever afraid of the polices, even when they’re devoting insurrection, even when they’re taken part in trying to occupy our Capitol to take the votes of individuals who look like me.” She continued, “Since in their minds, they own this nation. They own that Capitol. They own the cops.” Even when taking part in acts of domestic terrorism, which is defined by the FBI as “violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals originating from domestic impacts,” it is the embodiment of white privilege to be able to shamelessly smile for selfies and communicate with the authorities.

Celebs have actually likewise signed up with in on the conversation, demanding that both those in power and the public in general call out these criminals for the hazardous acts they’ve committed. They are not protesters; they are domestic terrorists who deliberately tried an insurrection and should be treated. See what more stars had to state about the Capitol attack ahead.


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