I’m mainly thinking about robotics and structure and my favorite topics at school are coding, math and English, due to the fact that you get to do various activities and they’re constantly enjoyable. I go to Harmony Science Academy in Lubbock, Texas, I’m in the 4th grade today and I’m nine years of ages.

In my extra time I mostly play with my Lego, but I was inspired to make a robotic hand sanitizer dispenser after I was at the hospital in June 2020 when my sibling was born. We couldn’t touch anything at the health center because of the pandemic, but we were using hand sanitizer where you had to press the pump. The thought came to my mind: why can’t I just make a device that works without touching anything? One where you just put your hand under it and it sprays out hand sanitizer.

My Father and I began looking for blueprints online, we went on YouTube and started browsing videos. It most likely took us about a week to discover one. We didn’t need to buy anything because we were able to use Lego Mindstorms EV3 at my school. EV3 is a robotics set, with motors and bricks you can program.

My school is a STEM school, so we are focused on mathematics and science and I have actually been in the robotics club at school considering that last year, so I recognize with making robots. We have a makerspace with tools like 3D printers, woodworking materials and a laser cutter– you can do lots of stuff there. After school my teacher Emily Headlee would be in the makerspace while I made my robot with my friends, but she mainly just supervised us as we utilized the plans.

Initially, we started making the body of the robotic and after that we put the two motors on the side so they would push down the hand sanitizer. It took me around 5 after school sessions to make it, each one was an hour and 30 minutes long.

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Ihsan Aydogdu with his robotic hand sanitizer dispenser.
Imran Aydogdu

I’m in fact making another robot now, it’s a puppy and it can walk and my good friends and I are making it from EV3 parts like the other robot.

My mommy and daddy are both instructors and more into gardening than robotics, but they are happy of me.

When the pandemic is over I’m preparing on signing up with some clubs and finding out a little bit more about robotics.


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