I grew up in a little neighborhood with 21 households, a location called Wandsworth in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

We broke up because I left town.

He said he desired to provide me money to go to Nova Scotia and walk my sis down the aisle even though she was six years older than me.

When I returned to Newfoundland for a visit, Florence had gone to summer season school to end up being an instructor and had actually moved out of the neighborhood. I had a job in Toronto so I returned after my holiday, therefore Florence and I didn’t see each other after that until 1997.

My partner and I went back to Newfoundland for a “come home” year in 1997 and I did see Florence simply to state hello, ask how she was doing and the number of kids she had. She got wed in 1960 and she and her partner were together for 57 years and had 5 kids. I was likewise wed in 1960, had two kids and was wed for a couple of months less than 60 years. Regretfully, Florence’s partner passed away in 2017 and my better half passed away in November of 2019.

love, marriage, high school sweethearts
love, marriage, high school sweethearts

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, it wasn’t really simple to take a trip or go anywhere.

I was hurrying around since I had an entire lot of seashells that I was going to take into the driveway so I could spell out “Invite Florence” on the driveway for when they drove in.

They drove in and I went out and stated hello to her kid and his wife who I ‘d never satisfied previously, and then I strolled around the other side of the vehicle and Florence got out of the back door. love, marriage, high school sweethearts

love, marriage, high school sweethearts

For our honeymoon we went to Niagara Falls for one night due to the fact that we might drive there by ourselves, and we had a room way up looking over the falls.

The main thing now is to try and get through this cancer scenario and then we hope next year to go back to Newfoundland and visit all our good friends and loved ones.

Florence says that at 81 and 84 we’re not likely to get married again.


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