Some of the very first matchbox toys I had were aircrafts, however the really first aircraft I went within was one my daddy rebuilt. He was an airplane mechanic and flew as a pilot for Pan American World Airways for several years.

On weekends I would assist my father as he dealt with a Piper Tri-Pacer that had actually been trashed. I need to have been 6 or 7 years of ages; it was cool to be part of that. And when it was ended up, it was likewise the very first aircraft I flew in.

In 1973, when I was 12, the television program The Magician began. At the end of each episode Bill Bixby’s character would drive into an airplane in a Corvette. I enjoyed aircrafts, Bill Bixby was wonderful and actually able to associate with kids, and obviously, Corvette’s are actually cool. It motivated me, and my objective ended up being to get my pilot’s license while I was still in high school so I might take my school pals flying.

I resided in the Dallas-Fort Worth location and Six Flags and other arenas were nearby. When I got my pilot’s license at 18– and still in high school– I would fly with my buddies from Arlington Municipal Airport and reveal them the various landscapes in the location– it was actually cool.

I had dreams to refurbish an aircraft into a house, however I put them aside, got wed and had kids. Constructing a household and a profession was fantastic, I succeeded and made a great deal of cash composing software application.

But when my partner and I got separated on April Fools Day in 2011, I chose it was time to do what I wished to do. I keep in mind a friend stated: “You have your flexibility now.” That’s how Project Freedom– my task to produce a house in an aircraft– began.

I started that day. The very first thing I did was search for a piece of residential or commercial property to put an aircraft on, since you can’t simply one anywhere you desire. The airport I discovered had actually been open for 30 years and the piece of residential or commercial property was on the south-west corner, with roadways on each side.

Next, I began trying to find aircrafts in a junkyard out in Arizona. They desired more cash than I wanted to pay, however more notably, shipping is really pricey. I started with the huge concept of purchasing a Boeing 747 and I had the ability to discover one for around $150,00 0, however the shipping expenses would have been around $500,00 0. I needed to discover a plane that would have the ability to fit below underpasses so it might be provided.

A good friend of mine had a buddy who understood about a Spirit Airlines DC-9-41 plane in a shopping mall in Florida. The back had flight simulators however in the cockpit whatever was brand name brand-new; recreated from1979 Every part existed. It’s in lovely shape. I began the procedure of purchasing it in May 2011, and the front half lastly got here in January 2012.

Airplane Home In Texas
The outside of Joe Axline’s MD-80 plane house in Texas.
Joe Axline

In the meantime, I purchased half a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 guest airplane from Arkansas, it’s 60 feet long since that’s the length that I had the ability to deliver on a truck. When the MD-80 got here in December of 2011, I revealed my kids, who were 8 and 10 at the time. My child stated: “Dad, this is actually fantastic. You’re going to like it. I’m dealing with mother!”

The MD-80 was damaged inside and at an angle, once we had actually moved it onto 4 assistance columns, I gutted it, removed the carpets and laid a wood flooring. I put the side panels back in and a few of the initial overhead bins.

This plane has 3 bed rooms, a restroom, a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen area and a workplace. The cockpit is the very same, and listed below it is the white wine space. Behind that is the library and the previous freight hold is now a recreation rooms for my kids.

Airplane Home in Texas
Airplane Home in Texas

I produced one wall in between the very first bed room and the living-room, and a 2nd wall behind the shower and the bedroom. I took the ceiling down due to the fact that it limited my height and I utilized part of it. That’s what I presently have as my cooking area counter top. Since it’s not the complete aircraft, I put a wall up at the end and behind it is a great patio area. I even have a life size chess set there.

I set up LED lights, which offer you the capability to alter the environment and I have 5G WiFi in the plane. My air conditioning system and lights are all automated. The water well and sewer system were set up in 2012 and the concept is to put solar energy in so I’m totally off grid. That takes a great deal of time and is costly, so today I’m linked to the regional electrical service.

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The Airplane Homes Lifesize Chess Set
Joe Axline developed a lifesize chess set on the balcony of his plane house.
Joe Axline

The total strategy is that I will have a garage developed beside the MD-80 so the aircraft will appear like it’s coming out of a garage, which method, it will look like a complete aircraft to individuals driving by.

The Spirit Airlines DC-9-41 is going to be moved and I will include the back end on so it will be a complete aircraft with the wings; 120 feet long by 10 feet broad. It will have a theater, an arts, crafts and music space and a premium kitchen area where the wings are. You’ll have the ability to come out of the cooking area onto the wings.

On the other side you’ll have the ability to look down into the wing, which will be eliminated, and I will have design trains and automobiles there so when you look down, it appears like you’re flying over land far below. The back area will have a sitting location and a bedroom. I’ve got to have a big closet for my sweetheart’s clothing and shoes.

I moved into the MD-80 the day the water was switched on in January2012 I’ve been living in this aircraft for 10 years and I’m still working on it every day. I’m going to alter up the flooring, since it’s beginning to look dated.

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Airplane Home In Texas
The bedroom of Joe Axline’s MD-80 plane house in Texas.
Joe Axline

Overall it has actually cost me less than $250,00 0 to purchase both airplane halves, the home and do the remodellings up until now. I think I paid about $65,00 0 for each airplane consisting of all the shipping expenses.

I will not live here permanently, this is simply the existing stage of my dreams. My next objective is to develop a castle on a lake. I have actually seen a location I like, however I do not wish to jinx it.

Before I began my job, I brought a book around for a year, loaded with concepts. A great deal of my good friends informed me not to do it due to the fact that it was a waste of cash, they informed me to purchase a home with money and be made with it. I could have done that, however what’s the point? Life has to do with the journey, not the location.

Joe Axline resides in his remodelled aircraft house in Brookshire, Texas. You can learn more about him and his aircraft house at

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