Paramount Network are preparing for the spin-off series 6666, and the most recent episode of Yellowstone reveals precisely how the 2 series will crossover.

Season 4, Episode 3 “All I See Is You” presents a few of the characters we might see in 6666, and exposes how one significant Yellowstone character will shift to the brand-new program.

The most current episode of Yellowstone aired on Sunday, November 14 on Paramount Network. There’s no word yet on when 6666 will begin however it is comprehended to be in advancement.

How Yellowstone is establishing 6666

A big part of Season 4 Episode 3 of Yellowstone concentrates on cattle ranch hand Jimmy (Jefferson White) as he prepares to leave the cattle ranch.

He’s still recuperating from the major barrel racing injury he suffered throughout the attacks at the end of Season 3. He’s still using his neck and back brace while he recuperates.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has actually chosen to send out Jimmy away to deal with another cattle ranch for a while, which draws a strong response from the other employees.

As John describes to Jimmy though, this is “not a penalty. It’s a chance.” He notifies Jimmy he’ll be representing his cattle ranch down in Texas, and he’s welcome to go back to Yellowstone when he feels he’s prepared.

Quite appropriately, the character Travis, played by the showrunner Taylor Sheridan, is the one that breaks the news that he will be going to “the 4 6s cattle ranch” in Texas (ie. 6666). In another gesture that threatens to break the 4th wall, Travis, the showrunner, will likewise be the one to physically provide Jimmy to the 6666 cattle ranch.

Upon hearing the news, the cattle ranch hands, and particularly Mia (Eden Brolin) appear dissatisfied, as they forecast “he will not last a week.”

Later Walker (Ryan Bingham) informs Jimmy about what to anticipate, exposing he’s existed previously. He states the greatest remorse of his life is leaving 6666, and he does not believe Jimmy needs to ever return. He likewise informs him to review his Spanish as he may require it.

At that point, with fantastic indifference, Travis leads Jimmy into the truck where he fulfills his brand-new associates. They’re all specifically terrible to Jimmy, and Travis advises him to take his assistance braces off.

After more teasing we see Jimmy, Travis and the rest of the Bosque Country Performance Horses troupe drive off to their very first stop at Scottsdale, Arizona. On their out of the cattle ranch, Mia marches to see as they leave.

Jimmy and Mia Yellowstone
Jimmy (Jefferson White) looks set to leave Mia (Eden Brolin) behind as he heads from “Yellowstone” to “6666”

What we understand about 6666

6666 will air specifically on Paramount , broadening the Yellowstone universe. It will be the 2nd spin-off series, after the prequel program 1883, which just recently debuted its very first trailer starring Sam Elliot. Tim McGraw and Billy Bob Thornton.

The spin-off series might be set and recorded at the genuine 6666 cattle ranch in Texas after the Star-Telegram reported that Sheridan fronted a group that purchased the residential or commercial property in December2020 Yellowstone has actually currently shot areas of Season 4 on the 6666 cattle ranch.

When Paramount revealed there would be a 6666 series, they explained it as the location “where first-rate cowboys are born and made.”

No casting statements have actually been previously made however it appears Yellowstone character Jimmy will start life on the cattle ranch while Walker might likewise return.

We do not understand whether we’ll see the Dutton household out there, however Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, exposed on her Instagram that she was at the 6666 cattle ranch in April this year.

Season 4 of Yellowstone continues next Sunday with Episode 4 airing on November 21 at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT solely on Paramount Network.


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