All 4 of this weekend’s Divisional Round championship game are extremely anticipated, however none figures to be quite as remarkable as Sunday’s prime-time contest between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It helps, naturally, that the NFC South competitors have currently fulfilled two times in the 2020 season. But then you have actually got the ageless quarterback dynamic– a 43- year-old Tom Brady contending to keep intact hopes of a seventh Super Bowl win, and a 42- year-old Drew Brees potentially playing the last video game of his NFL career. It all adds up to a killer near to the weekend.

Can Brady lastly beat the Saints after falling terribly to New Orleans earlier this year? Can Brees out-duel Bruce Arians’ explosive offense in the Superdome to keep his own title hopes alive? We’ll learn quickly enough. In the meantime, if you’re questioning how to tune in, or which matchups might choose Sunday’s face-off, we have actually got you covered with information listed below:

How to watch

Date: Sunday, Jan. 17

When the Buccaneers have the ball

The Bucs have their work cut out for them. Because as stingy as the Saints’ secondary has actually been, it’s likewise fighting some injuries. That’s dependent, though, on taking what’s given to him early on– playing the Saints’ systematic game, if you will, before wearing them down with explosiveness late.

Latest Odds:

New Orleans Saints.

Everything states the Bucs should lose this game. They have actually lost five straight to the Saints and looked downright bad in their last conference with New Orleans. Sean Payton and Drew Brees are out to win it all together after years of early exits. The Saints are at home. Here’s the offer: Brady is arguably playing the finest football of his whole 2020 season right now. The way he’s gotten in touch with his leading targets as of late ought to frighten New Orleans, a minimum of a little. It’s difficult to envision this being a lopsided affair for either side, and thinking about Brady’s brave postseason performance history, we’re going to ride with the underdogs here.

Choose: Buccaneers 29, Saints 27


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