Girl Gaga made quite a statement at the 2021 Governmental Inauguration in Washington D.C. on January 20 when she donned an enormous gold dove brooch & we rounded up similar pins you can buy here!

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The main tourist attraction of her clothing, however, was without a doubt the huge, life-size gold dove brooch including the bird with an olive branch in the mouth. While Gaga’s brooch is designer, you can still copy her design and we rounded up 5 dove pins that you can go shopping for, right here.

lady gaga
Lady Gaga looked drop-dead-gorgeous at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration when she wore a blue sports jacket, red skirt & enormous gold dove brooch on January20 (AP)

A dove carrying an olive branch. May we all make peace with each other.

— Woman Gaga (@ladygaga) January 20, 2021

1. PinMart Gold Dove Lapel Pin

This easy gold pin steps 3/4 ″ and can be found in a one-pack or a variety-pack of up to 50 pins. It is attached with a clutch back, is gold plated, and has a high gloss which looks gorgeous when shown by light. While the pin is small, it will certainly make a statement. $ 8,
gold dove pin

2. Gold-Toned Cut-Out Holy Spirit Dove Lapel Pin

This little however symbolic pin is gold-plated and features a cutout shape of a dove. The pin measures 3/4 Inch (W) x 3/4 Inch (L) and has a gold-toned back.

3. SarahsTreatsTreasure Dove Pin ~ 24 K Gold ~ Lapel Pin

This gorgeous dove pin is made from antique fine lead-free antique pewter, licensed 24 k gold plate, licensed 24 k gold plated pewter, and fine pewter. This pin was handcrafted in America by American Artists and then hand cast in lead-free great pewter by G.G. Harris.

4. Jim Clift Dove Gold Dipped Pewter Lapel Pin

We love this pin due to the fact that it features a gold dove with an olive branch in its mouth, just like Woman Gaga’s, which is a symbol of peace. The pin is hand-cast in strong, lead-free great pewter and dipped in gold.

5. Sterling Present White Dove with Olive Branch Lapel Pin

While this pin isn’t gold, the symbolism is the same as Woman Gaga’s as it features a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. The pin comes in a pack of 12 and determines 7/8 inches in size. The pin is gold plated with white and green enamel. $18,
white dove pin


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