Numerous features of 22- year-old Miya Ponsetto’s interview with Gayle King on Friday were confusing and infuriating, and her option of outfit was one of them. Turns out, Ponsetto’s lawyer recommended she eliminate her “Daddy” baseball cap before the unique interview. “We asked her to use expert clothes,” attorney Sharen Ghatan informed The Daily Monster “I specifically asked her to eliminate it prior to the interview.” However Ghatan explained 22- year-old Ponsetto as “defiant,” “insistent,” and a “extremely challenging client,” so the cap stayed on. Notification the legal representative disregarded to utilize the word “racist,” yet Ponsetto’s attitude, actions, and, by extension, her outfit are charged with expected superiority. There’s advantage at work here.

Ponsetto was apprehended on Friday in California after allegedly physically assaulting 14- year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. on Dec. 26 at the Arlo Hotel in New York City City. Onlookers (consisting of Harrold Jr.’s daddy, distinguished jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold Sr.) caught Ponsetto’s tirade against the Black teen on electronic camera, as she incorrectly accused him of stealing her cellular phone and tossed him to the ground. After the attack, the web identified Ponsetto as “SoHo Karen” when video of her aggression went viral.

You ‘d hope that Ponsetto would’ve used her time with King on Friday to apologize and show remorse for her actions. You ‘d be disappointed.

You ‘d hope that Ponsetto would’ve used her time with King on Friday to apologize and reveal remorse for her actions. Ponsetto appeared on video camera in a puzzlingly casual outfit, wearing a $16 Urban Outfitters baseball cap. The attorney admitted she’s worried for Ponsetto’s mental health.

Plainly, Ponsetto’s obstinance showed what was to come. She gaslit Harrold Jr. with insincere apologies, only acknowledging “if I insulted him or hurt his sensations.” She danced around concerns and leaned greatly on reasons in an effort to spin the story as a victim. She ignored her legal representative’s efforts at intervention. In a particularly unlikely exchange, she snapped at King. The skilled interviewer tried to hold Ponsetto responsible by telling her, “You’re 22 years old, but you are old sufficient to know better.” Ponsetto responded with a wave of her hand, and stated, “All right, Gayle, enough.”

Every second of Ponsetto’s six-minute interview further highlights her immense benefit. She described herself as “very sweet” and then, in nearly the very same breath, shushed a well-known reporter– and Black lady– on nationwide TELEVISION. She treated the interaction as if it were barely worth her time, seemingly undaunted by the repercussions of her actions. She appeared blind to her own actions entirely. “I’m a 22- year-old lady … How is a girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime? Where is the deeper context because?” she asked.

[Harrold Jr. is] at the beginning of his teenager years, closer to childhood than whatever innocence Ponsetto attempted to claim for herself.

Despite Ponsetto’s insistence, she’s not a woman, she’s a lady. A mature grownup, actually. Harrold Jr., on the other hand, isn’t a “man”– especially in comparison to Ponsetto. He’s at the start of his teenager years, closer to youth than whatever innocence Ponsetto tried to claim for herself. And for the record, making a false allegation is a criminal offense if it’s reported to the authorities.

Privilege and presumed power like Ponsetto’s are engrained over time. Frighteningly, Ponsetto’s privilege acts as the same expected “guard” that pushes people like the Donald Trump-supporting mob who assaulted the nation’s Capitol.

Hours after Ponsetto acted invincible in her conversation with King, she got her mugshot taken. Ponsetto still does not see her actions as racially charged, despite singling out the Black teen and refusing to relent.

Although Ghatan canceled her client’s future interviews, there’s still a chance Ponsetto might resurface to spin the exact same lies. Possibly she would succeed to heed her own guidance: “Alright, Miya, enough.” In the meantime, somebody please pour Gayle King a glass of something strong and provide her a raise. There isn’t a paycheck big enough to cover the audacity she handled today.


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