Maci sustained a “scary” experience on the last season of Teenager Mama OG: The Tennessean was at a regional filling station when a shootout started (she was caught in a restroom as the violence unfolded). The mom of 3 was luckily unhurt; nevertheless, post-traumatic tension from the event continued and she’s opened up about experiencing problems. Now, throughout today’s episode, Maci had the ability to “take control” and go to the filling station with Taylor by her side.

” If you do not wish to do it today, we do not need to,” Taylor informed an overloaded Maci, as she rested her forehead versus the guiding wheel.

After a couple of deep breaths, Maci unlocked and made her method to the pump. After she put the nozzle, she without delay returned into the vehicle and Taylor rubbed her back while she kept her forehead pushed versus the guiding wheel.

The tank was ultimately complete, and Maci placed on her seat belt and was all set to “get the f ck out of here.”

” I did it,” she informed Taylor. She then assessed the experience in a voiceover.

” Though I can’t do it on my own yet, I’m actually happy with myself for going to the gasoline station and facing my most significant worry. It’s simply going to spend some time.”

However it is essential to acknowledge this brave action– and Maci’s choice to share it on Teenager Mother OG Enjoy Maci and her enjoyed ones every Tuesday at 8/7c.


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