If you do not know Jennifer C. Holmes’s name, you will soon. During season 5 of This Is Us, the actress looks like Randall’s birth mother Laurel, and her efficiency is blowing away audiences. In the Jan. 12 episode, Holmes truly shines on screen as we learn a lot more about Laurel’s life and story. While This Is Us isn’t Holmes’s first acting gig– she formerly appeared on programs like The Strong and the Stunning and CSI: Miami — it’s sure to become her breakout role.

Simply as she’s winning fans over with her efficiency, it appears she made a similar effect on the program’s authors. “About this time last year, the @ThisIsUsWriters began going over an episode focusing on Randall’s birth mom.

After casting Holmes as Laurel in season one, they were uncertain about bringing her back on for the complete story. “We didn’t actually understand her,” he added. “She hardly had lines, if ANY, and it seemed like a stretch to give her an entire episode of TV. We had a story we wanted to tell.” After composing some scenes and bringing her back in for a read through, Holmes “definitely crushed it.”

” Tonight, a year later, that episode airs,” he continued. It includes a spectacular efficiency from that very same young starlet – the one who when had no lines.

Image Source: NBC


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