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When the Houston Rockets decided to go all-in on their small-ball experiment last season, one of the huge moves they made was trading away Clint Capela, who ended up with the Atlanta Hawks. Due to the fact that of an injury and everything being shut down by the pandemic, Capela played very little basketball last year, and didn’t make his launching with the Hawks up until this season. With the Hawks trailing by 2, Trae Young drove inside to attempt to make something occur, and Capela made a wise cut to find the open area.

In truth, the rest of Capela’s highlights aren’t all that amazing, as he was doing a great deal of dirty work in the paint like ditching for offending rebounds, transforming putbacks, etc. Conserve for unusual nights like this, those kind of plays usually do not make headlines, but they do win video games, as the young Hawks learnt versus the Pistons.


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