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Dr. Jordan Wright is the latest physician at Grey Sloan. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Greg Tarzan Davis about what’s next for Jordan and Bailey.

Bailey has actually discovered the ideal local to coach. After Dr. Jordan Wright confessed to Meredith that he admired Bailey and wanted he ‘d gotten matched at Grey Sloan, Meredith pulled some strings to get Jordan moved to Seattle. Greg Tarzan Davis spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about being the latest Grey’s Anatomy cast member and how Jordan is going to reconcile his brand-new scenario with Bailey.

Greg Tarzan Davis
Greg Tarzan Davis with Ellen Pompeo on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ (ABC)

” You understand, similar to any person would, when you satisfy your idols and you get an opportunity to work together with them, you simply wish to attempt and comprehend all the understanding that you can from practically mimicing them however do it in your own method,” Tarzan exposed. “There’s something that coach or that idol or whoever you admire, there’s something that they have that you are drawn in to which you desire. I believe Dr. Jordan Wright is going to discover that in Bailey. It’s practically like he’s starstruck. When you see some television for so long, which he stated he’s been seeing her videos on YouTube and going to conferences, to lastly get to state like, ‘Hey, how you doing? This is me.’ I believe he’s going to have a good time simply all in behind her attempting to end up being the very best cosmetic surgeon that he can be.”

Bailey is one difficult physician, however she understands how to teach citizens. “He will do anything and whatever to attempt and please her,” Tarzan worried. “I understand that for a truth. You do not wish to dissatisfy the individual that you’ve admired. It’s practically like a moms and dad’s approval. Would it come off as kissing butt? I do not understand. Perhaps to others, however I believe for the a lot of part it’s going to be simply him pleasing her. He’s an excellent medical professional, so there’s very little incorrect that he might do.”

Chandra Wilson
Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey. (ABC)

Jordan is the brand-new person in the area, so can we anticipate him to make any brand-new good friends? “We would hope that Doctor Wright can end up being buddies with other members at Grey Sloan, however there’s drama,” Tarzan teased. “He might make some opponents. Who understands? Truthfully, I get the scripts a week ahead of time so they attempt to keep that extremely hush on how things are going to unfold with these characters since they desire it to be a surprise, and they’re looking for the very best stories for each character. We can movie something today and they state, ‘Oh my gosh, we simply considered something much better.’ And they go and compose in something totally various with the story. I believe that the authors and developers of the program have a concept where Dr. Jordan Wright is going to go, however that is something I do not understand simply yet.”

Tarzan exposed that Jordan is going to reveal everybody at Grey Sloan why he’s the “finest” brand-new local they have. “I can state he is an overachiever,” Tarzan informed HollywoodLife “He does strive. He speaks his mind. He’s not scared to state what he likes or does not like since he’s guaranteed of who he is. A little background details about Jordan is when he was more youthful, his instructors didn’t trust him. He didn’t have much cash. He originated from a background that wasn’t the very best. He desired something much better, so he chose to end up being a medical professional. In order to not fall back to that phase in his life when he was more youthful, he wants to do whatever it takes workwise to remain ahead. I believe progressing, and this is likewise my idea procedure on the episodes that we have actually recorded and the instructions that we might enter, he’s the very best that they have, and I believe it’s going to be revealed why he’s the very best.”

Greg Tarzan Davis
Greg Tarzan Davis at ‘The Call of the Wild’ best. (ETIENNE LAURENT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

As for whether Jordan will have a Grey’s Anatomy love in the future, Tarzan kept in mind, “That is the top concern I continue to obtain from everyone. Who is your love interest? It’s not Grey’s Anatomy if you do not have a love interest. I’m like, I do not understand. If I did understand, I’m not going to inform you since that will destroy the surprise.” Grey’s Anatomy season 18 airs Thursdays on ABC.


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