From cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones to small unicorns, huge coolers and even cool-looking pigs, I’ve seen practically every color, sizes and shape of Bluetooth speakers. And what I’ve discovered in the years given that Jawbone’s trendy Jambox marked the tipping point for these now common audio manufacturers is not to prejudge them based upon their appearances. The cool looking Mars Pro that Gravastar sent me to examine actually put that tenet to the test.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker
Even package and protective foam inserts have purposeful character.
Scott Tharler

An Alien Body

From different angles, the Gravastar Mars Pro advises me of:

  • An area crab
  • The Injustice League’s Hall of Doom
  • The Spider Baby from the very first Toy Story

Yet there’s something extremely cool and trendy about it. I like that it sports a really distinct appearance– even amongst the Mars Pro line, which includes numerous even funkier scandal sheets. More than simply a novelty, these unusual appearances are important to the Gravastar brand name. They penetrate their attentively themed product packaging along with the high level of information in the item’s style. By the method, in case you’re questioning, the speaker’s feet (or “claws”) do fold in and out, making it a little much easier to transfer– although the remainder of the legs do not move or flex, in spite of appearing like they might.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker
Controls consist of buttons for lighting, power and Bluetooth pairing, with a touch-sensitive volume slider.
Scott Tharler

Buttons and Features

The Mars Pro features a number of cable televisions. Its USB-C charging cable television– due to the fact that its adapter is at a best angle– is simply a little much easier to plug into the underbelly of this 6-inch broad monster. There’s likewise a USB-C to one-eighth-inch audio adapter, so you can avoid the Bluetooth and play wired audio from your laptop computer, phone, television or whatever gadgets you have that still include an auxiliary audio output jack.

The speaker’s controls are so discreetly blended in with the joints, screws, decals and scoring that specify its style schema that it at first took me a couple of seconds simply to determine where the heck they were. I ultimately found the small power button towards the back, in the middle, flanked by devoted buttons for starting Bluetooth pairing and changing the RGB lighting mode. Throughout playback, pushing the dual-function power button stops briefly and plays the music. The coolest control by far is the touch-sensitive volume slider. You can either tap and move the column of white dashes representing the volume level back (louder) or forward (quieter), or simply tap where you desire it to be. Much to the shame of our next-door neighbors, my kids have actually had a great deal of enjoyable playing with the volume because method.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker
The Gravastar Mars Pro actually appears like the sort of alien animal that would be emerging from a jungle.
Scott Tharler

How It Sounds

Anyone brought in to this stylistically weird speaker would definitely initially be attracted by its appearances, however that does not indicate it’s doing not have in audio quality. As a celebration speaker, it’s got lots of thump and volume to spare. I was in fact impressed with how it played a range of musical categories. It visibly prefers the lower end, it’s certainly less muddled there and way more crisp on the high end than I believed it ‘d be. I extremely advise it for its bass-leaning however distinct noise. If that’s what you like to listen to (and you take place to enjoy the speaker’s other worldly look), you ‘d most likely be delighted with among these. Or 2, because you can match them up in real cordless stereo.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker
The only parts that move are its rubber-tipped feet, which can be folded in and out.
Scott Tharler


Serious players may be dissatisfied that there’s not an app that lets them choose an extremely particular color from amongst millions, however the 6 colors the Gravastar Mars Pro produces (brilliant green, magenta, red, light blue, dark blue, orange yellow) look cool to me. Tapping the lighting button when by hand avoids to the next color, and double-tapping it triggers the mode that constantly cycles through all of the colors. I like that it’s not simply one colored light slapped on for low-cost result however an integrated selection. This consists of a light behind the speaker’s grill and on its face, sides, and legs, in addition to on the battery and Bluetooth connection indications, which remain on as long as the speaker’s powered up.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker
The bass radiator tosses out some major thump.
Scott Tharler

Should You Buy the Gravastar Mars Pro Speaker?

This looks like a fantastic addition to a video gaming setup, particularly thinking about the RGB impacts and capacity for pairing in stereo. Not that it’s extremely huge, heavy or vulnerable, however I would utilize this as a portable speaker simply around your house. There are a lot of other method more compact and travel-friendly speakers out there.

If you’re digging the Mars ambiance however wish to fill a smaller sized area with noise, I can testify that the Gravastar’s Venus line is quite cool, too. Substantially smaller sized (possibly half the size) and cheaper however still with a lot of design, the Venus has 6 RGB light colors and fantastic sound quality and volume for its size. Besides that, it’s basically a matter of which Mars speaks with you. A few of the scandal sheets run about 70 percent more than the Mars Pro Black design I checked. They are, attempt I state, more than speakers, possibly even antiques, as well as terrific room-rocking celebration speakers.

Buy at Gravastar for $18995

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