Report mill: It’s the concern that has been on players’ lips for several years: when are we visiting the next Grand Theft Vehicle video game? The response, it appears, is “not for a long time.” New reports and leakages recommend GTA 6 is still in early advancement and not set for release up until around2025


Battleground and Call of Responsibility leaker Tom Henderson published a video late last month that gathered a number of GTA 6 reports and forecasts, including its release in 2024 or2025 While that would typically be passed off as one individual’s viewpoint, it was supported by Bloomberg press reporter Jason Schreier, who tweeted that “Whatever Tom Henderson has actually stated about the video game compares with what I have actually heard.”

Idk why everybody believes that I stated GTA VI was being available in2023 Whatever Tom Henderson has actually stated about the video game compares with what I have actually heard

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) July 4, 2021

The previous Kotaku press reporter included that the video game is still in early advancement and will include “an evolving/expanding map.” The latter part is a recommendation to Henderson’s claim that GTA 6 will have a map that might alter each time brand-new DLC is launched, comparable to Fortnite’s map updates. This might indicate, to name a few things, the GTA 6 world altering based upon the season.

Henderson likewise states the next Grand Theft Car video game will include Vice City in some capability– a report we have actually heard for many years– though it will have a contemporary setting. It might likewise provide numerous playable characters that consist of a female hacker.

So, why is GTA 6 up until now away when the last video game initially launched in 2013? There are a number of factor; the primary one is that GTA Online continues to make a little fortune for Rockstar/Take-Two Interactive– it’s mostly why there’s never ever been any GTA V project DLC. The business is attempting to enhance its crunch-heavy track record, for which it got plenty of criticism throughout Red Dead Redemption 2’s advancement. It likewise has the multiplayer aspect of its cowboy title to concentrate on, and the continuous pandemic has actually postponed basically whatever. Schreier keeps in mind that he made his previous GTA 6 release date forecasts in pre-Covid-19 times.

These are all reports and speculation, naturally, however there’s no doubt GTA 6 is coming. It’ll simply be a very long time prior to it shows up.


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