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Gracie McGraw shared a new image roundup of her tropical holiday. This time, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s child shared pictures of herself relaxing in a cute swimsuit and showing off her forehead tan line.

Gracie McGraw, 23, is starting the year in total unwind mode: AKA, enjoying the beach in a swimwear. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw‘s child shared new pictures from her family’s tropical getaway on Jan. 5, which included a selfie of the fashionista smiling in a green, floral-print swimwear with crystal-clear ocean water behind her. Gracie showed off another among her swimsuit searches in the slideshow, which was a charming swimsuit set: a zebra stripe bikini top and olive green bottoms.

Gracie exposed that she didn’t get them in the usual area. In a video within the slideshow above, Gracie raised her bangs to expose that she was left with … a forehead tan line.

Gracie also slipped in a behind-the-scenes picture of herself changing into George Washington( who actually has ties to Gracie’s papa, which was revealed on an NBC episode of Who Do You Think You Are in 2011). The picture was taken pre-vacation, when Gracie and her family had a Hamilton– themed dinner leading up to Christmas. It was one of the many themed dinners the imaginative household held: another night was Game of Thrones– themed, while the family all dressed up as Harry Potter characters on a various night.

Under the mix of getaway and throwback images, Gracie wrote, “Just some things I felt was necessary… disclaimer me ending up being ole georgie wash was from a month earlier however still essential.”

Gracie has actually been sensational on her household vacation with her parents and siblings Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 19, as they continue to vacation in a concealed tropical location. The household of five made the journey prior to New Year’s Eve, and Gracie stunned in this swimsuit selfie prior to sounding in2021 While the household hasn’t handed out the whereabouts of their journey, Faith and Tim do own a 20- acre personal island in the Bahamas.


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