In brief: Google is currently among the very best search engines worldwide (information personal privacy aside), however with its latest function, it’ll be getting back at much better. Starting today, the search platform will begin providing you more information about sites that appear in your search engine result, perhaps letting you figure out whether or not they’re worth visiting in the first place.

To be clear, this is not the same as the little text blurbs that currently appear under search results page. Those will still exist, but you’ll now have the ability to tap the three-dot menu on top right of a provided result to see an expanded site description, rather of simply a an SEO-optimized page description.

Google pulls these new descriptions straight from the Wikipedia entry for each website (provided it has one, naturally), so the company’s staff members will not be writing them by hand, for better or worse.

The main purpose of this function is to offer you included context or peace of mind while searching. For instance, if you believe you might have Covid-19 and want to determine what symptoms you should watch out for, this feature might assist ensure you visit a legitimate site, and not an imposter (or just a website prone to spreading misinformation).

If Wikipedia info is not readily available for a site, Google states it will instead reveal information like when it was very first indexed. Once again, this must assist construct trust in between websites and users– if a site has actually been around for 10 years, there’s at least a decent possibility it’ll have more reliable information than something brand-new. It’s not perfect, however it’s much better than absolutely nothing.

Lastly, this brand-new context function will constantly tell you whether your connection to a website will be using the HTTPS procedure without you needing to click the link. This is a minor enhancement because many web browsers stop you from checking out unencrypted pages anyway (and need specific user approval to continue), however it might be useful to some however.

This feature is still in beta, so expect to see the periodic bug while searching the web. It’s a quite standard feature, so ideally, there will not be any major problems.


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