Currently we’re comparing the Radeon RX 6600 XT and GeForce RTX 3060 head-to-head to peep how these two GPUs stack up using the most fresh drivers in a huge series of games. Though the Radeon carries an MSRP of $380, whereas the RTX 3060 is intended to cost $330, truly they’re competing merchandise, both promoting for roughly $400 at predominant on-line shops.

That’s reasonably a fall for the RTX 3060 which became once nearer to $500 a pair of weeks ago, whereas the 6600 XT became once around $440. Meanwhile, provide for the 6600 XT appears to be drying up and that’s the explanation potentially because of the the approaching near near commence of the 6650 XT.

For sorting out we have got extinct our Ryzen 9 5950X check machine with 32GB of DDR4-3200 CL14 dual-depraved, dual-channel memory. Every GPUs had been tested using the default AMD and Nvidia clock specs at 1080p and 1440p all over 50 games with Resizable Bar enabled. The motive force versions extinct had been Radeon Adrenalin 22.4.2 and GeForce Recreation Ready Driver 512.59, as these had been the most fresh accessible drivers when we began sorting out a week ago.

We could also no longer dawdle over the strategies for all 50 games individually as that could perhaps select all day, instead we are going to opt out a shut watch at the outcomes for roughly a dozen of them and then we are going to select out a watch at how these two GPUs evaluate head-to-head all over all games tested in a single graph.


Starting with Loss of life Light 2, this honest no longer too long ago launched recreation makes use of a proprietary 3D recreation engine developed by Techland known as Chrome Engine 6, and it’s the fully recreation in our check suite to utilize it.

Loss of life Light 2 plays smartly with Radeon GPUs and right here the 6600 XT is 11% sooner at 1080p and eight% sooner at 1440p. Perhaps more spectacular is that both GPUs rendered smartly over 60 fps at 1080p using the very finest quality settings, besides for ray tracing, which is not genuinely enabled by default.

Warhammer III is one more fresh recreation and this one makes use of the Warscape Engine 3 which is extinct completely by the Total War sequence. Here the GeForce GPUs currently abilities a tiny performance advantage.

In this matchup, the RTX 3060 became once 9% sooner at 1080p and 14% sooner at 1440p which is a predominant margin, even supposing the 1% lows are generally equal.

Subsequent we occupy Call of Responsibility Warzone, where the 6600 XT became once reasonably barely sooner than the RTX 3060, handing over 21% more frames at 1080p and 16% more at 1440p. A stable select for the Radeon GPU, even supposing occupy in strategies it became once also intended to cost 15% more in keeping with the celebrated MSRP.

Forza Horizon 5 is a smartly optimized title that plays smartly on both hardware platforms. We are using the intense preset, so this is as tense as the sport will get, yet we’re restful taking a watch at 61 fps on reasonable from both GPUs at 1440p. Performance became once very similar with out a clear winner.

God of War is one more smartly optimized title and whereas it does play smartly on the 6600 XT, it plays significantly better with the RTX 3060, particularly at 1440p. We did double check these outcomes, and it can seem the RTX 3060 is 15% sooner at 1080p and a whopping 33% sooner at 1440p. An enormous select for Nvidia on this recreation.

Some distance Cry 6 makes use of the Dunia 2 engine and this one runs very smartly on AMD hardware, largely helped by the indisputable truth that AMD had a hand in sponsoring the sport’s development. For that reason, the 6600 XT enjoys a stable 13% performance advantage at 1080p and became once in a effect to retain a double digit select at 1440p where it became once 10% sooner.

As soon as in a whereas, Radeon GPUs originate smartly within the F1 sequence, but F1 2021 permits ray tracing by default at the very finest presets and because of the this truth we tested with the feature enabled. This hands the RTX 3060 a performance advantage, affording it a 6% performance advantage at 1080p and 10% at 1440p. Disabling ray tracing does want the 6600 XT, but we genuinely feel we can also as smartly check using the default configuration as that’s how we in general check, and we’re restful taking a watch at around 60 fps at 1440p.

Subsequent we occupy Metro Exodus Enhanced and this model of the sport requires ray traced accelerated hardware, so ray tracing outcomes are enabled by default and for sorting out these mid-fluctuate GPUs we have got gone with the ‘unparalleled’ surroundings.

Though the 6600 XT became once in a effect to bring highly playable performance at 1080p, the RTX 3060 became once 29% sooner and that intended we had been seeing similar frame rates at 1440p from the GeForce GPU in contrast to what the 6600 XT can also impact at 1080p.

The Rainbow Six Extraction performance became once linked with both GPUs handing over over 130 fps at 1080p. The RTX 3060 did edge ahead by a 7% margin at 1440p, but total performance became once very similar.

Performance became once also similar when sorting out with Apex Legends. In short, the 6600 XT became once a puny sooner at 1080p and then a puny slower at 1440p. Every GPUs proved lots highly effective for this title even supposing, handing over over 100 fps at 1440p using the very finest in-recreation quality settings.

Yet any other aggressive title that delivered aggressive outcomes is Fortnite. Though most Fortnite avid gamers can also no longer bustle the Legend preset, we’re in sorting out GPU performance and no longer CPU performance, which is where things rapid head with aggressive settings.

Assuming you do no longer bustle into CPU sure cases, Radeon and GeForce GPUs scale very equally with the quality presets, so using aggressive settings both the 6600 XT and RTX 3060 will bring the same diploma of performance.

The final location of outcomes we are going to watch at are for Cyberpunk 2077 and right here the 6600 XT became once 9% sooner using the very best quality settings at 1080p. Every GPUs are easiest suited to 1080p gaming on this title as the a puny dialed down quality settings seen staunch 44 fps rendered on reasonable at 1440p.

Performance Summary

Basically basically based fully on the games we staunch checked out, the RTX 3060 and 6600 XT appear to be extremely shut in phrases of performance. There had been a pair of titles that heavily want one over different, but for potentially the most phase performance became once shut.

We did exhaust a week sorting out via 50 games even supposing, so let’s check that out…

Starting with the 1080p files, we watch that the 6600 XT became once 3% sooner on reasonable, which technique they’re generally equal total all over a huge series of games as we deem the relaxation within 5% a plan. That technique for 20 of the 50 games tested performance became once shut to sufficient to “equal” with margins 4% or less.

There had been staunch a handful of outliers where the margins extended to 10% or more in either course. The mountainous losses for AMD had been viewed in Resident Flawed Village and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, unsurprisingly two of the games that extinct ray tracing. Vermintide 2, God of War, and PUBG had been also depraved titles for AMD.

Titles where the 6600 XT performed exceptionally smartly included Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, World War Z, Borderlands 3, Warzone, Call of Responsibility Main edge and Death Stranding.

Rising the choice to 1440p flipped the outcomes in Nvidia’s want as now the 6600 XT became once 2% slower total, but one more time that margin is insignificant. This time there had been 23 games where the margin became once 5% or less, with staunch three outliers with a pair of games in either course exceeding 20%.

Selecting a Winner: Traipse RTX

Reckoning on the choice and the sport performed, one GPU will most in all probability be sooner than different. There had been cases where the margins grew to almost 30%, which is terribly indispensable, so that it’s seemingly you’ll are also seeking to determine on out worth to how these Radeon and GeForce GPUs stack up within the games you care in regards to potentially the most.

When taking a watch at our 50 recreation sample — and that’s the explanation a substantial want of games to ascertain — it’s comely to make that most continuously there will be no longer up to a 10% distinction between these two GPUs.

Having said that, if you select the beefy listing beneath consideration, it’s tense no longer to argue that the GeForce RTX 3060 is the better select and is even worth a top price. This is because ought to you commence up to study at what every product offers previous rasterization performance, there could be no longer distinguished to talk about when it comes to the 6600 XT.

The RTX 3060 packs a 50% elevated frame buffer with 12 GB opposed to eight GB, so it’ll address future HD texture packs significantly better, which technique future AAA titles can also potentially watch better with out hurting frame price performance. In our realizing, that’s a nice bonus that mustn’t be omitted.

The RTX 3060 also packs a beefy x16 PCIe 4.0 connection whereas the 6600 XT is within the bargain of down to staunch 8 lanes, and this can also trigger well-known performance concerns when exceeding the memory buffer. That’s one more motive why the memory subsystem of the RTX 3060 is vastly superior.

On high of that, you to find DLSS which is widely supported by many fresh AAA titles and it genuinely works genuinely smartly at 1440p and previous, and that’s the explanation resolutions where the RTX 3060 can also impact with a performance enhance.

AMD offers some upscaling programs for 6600 XT home owners and more plans are within the works to head off the DLSS threat, but for now DLSS is the largest option. Then there’s ray tracing, which is yet any other energy of the RTX 3060. As we seen within the titles that use this rendering technique, the GeForce GPU had a clear performance advantage because of the its more feeble implementation.

In a nutshell: the RTX 3060 offers similar rasterization performance, superior ray tracing, DLSS toughen, an even bigger VRAM buffer, and a beefy PCIe 4.0 x16 connection, making it a more in-depth product — and if accessible at the same worth, the glaring option.

Whether or no longer or no longer AMD can tempt us with the Radeon RX 6650 XT has yet to be viewed, but we’re interesting to study into that very quickly.

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