Tom Hanks Hopes Mr. Rogers Will Be a Reprieve From Cynicism

Fred Rogers‘ widow, Joanne Rogers, has died at the age of 92.

On Thursday, Jan. 14, Fred Rogers Productions released a statement revealing Joanne’s death.

” The loving partner of Fred Rogers for more than 50 years, she continued their shared commitment to supporting kids and households after his death as chair of the board of Fred Rogers Productions,” it read. “Joanne was a fantastic and accomplished artist, a terrific advocate for the arts, and a dear good friend to everyone in our company.”

The declaration concluded, “We extend our genuine acknowledgements to Joanne’s family and the countless individuals who had the privilege of understanding and liking her.”

Though Joanne is more typically acknowledged as the other half of Mister Rogers, she was a popular figure in her own right, releasing 2 classical piano music albums. In November 2019, her and Fred’s kid Jim told The New York Times, “She was constantly able to be Joanne Rogers rather than Mrs. Fred Rogers … She has constantly been her own person.”

Following her other half’s death from stomach cancer in 2003, Joanne carried on his tradition through the Fred Rogers Productions, which the New York City Times previously described as a non-profit committed to creating children’s media content.


She was also a familiar figure on the set of the movie A Gorgeous Day in the Area, which starred Tom Hanks as the precious children’s program host.

There was possibly no one who understood Mister Rogers much better than Joanne, who was by his side from the minute they wed in 1952, till his death at their Pittsburgh house on Feb. 27,2003 It’s for this factor Joanne was so positive in saying her husband was not the saint he was made out to be after his death, which anyone can be as kind as he was, even if it appears difficult.

She told The Los Angeles Times in 2019, “He’s out there now as someone who’s somehow way above all the rest of us … People invariably say, ‘Well, I can’t do that, but I sure do appreciate him. I would enjoy to do it.’ Well, you can do it. I’m convinced there are great deals of Fred Rogerses out there.”

Joanne and Mister Rogers’ message of compassion is continued by their 2 sons, Jim and John

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