Fortnite Week 7 Challenges are formally live, and the toughest job of them asks gamers to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands. In this guide we reveal six possible book places you can use to get this obstacle done quickly and quickly. Need a fast 20,00 0 XP for your Season 5 Fight Pass? We’re here to help!

Fortnite book places in Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands

This Week 7 Obstacle isn’t much different from any other search-based objective Fortnite has actually leveraged over the previous few years. All you have actually got to do is approach the areas we will describe to gather each book, and an easy challenge conclusion is yours. The books aren’t displayed in our screenshots since we’re making this guide ahead of time, but they should remain in these spots for you.

Holly Hedges

Book location 1: The first book to collect can be found in the northwest corner of Holly Hedges, beside the location with the big tree. You’re searching for a yellow house to the right of the tree.

fortnite book locations 1 map
‘ Fortnite’ players have to gather books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands. The first book is found here, inside the yellow home. ‘Fortnite’ is readily available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X
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Go inside, and you’ll see a high bookcase as soon as you get in. There should be a book on the floor next to it.

fortnite book locations 1 gameplay
You’ll discover the book on the floor as soon as you enter the yellow house.
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Book place 2: For the second place you’re looking for a big brown house off to the east right near a crosswalk.

fortnite book locations 2 map
The 2nd Holly Hedges book is inside the huge brown home found here.
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Go within, take a right and head into the back room. You’ll discover a book on the flooring next to these windows.

fortnite book locations 2 gameplay
The second book can be found near these windows in the back room.
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Book area 3: The third place is at a big green house that’s sort of off in its own location to the southeast. It’s easily recognized by the big deck on the back.

fortnite book locations 3 map
The third Holly Hedges book remains in a big green home off to the east.
Legendary Games

Go within, take a left and you’ll reach a space with a fireplace. There’s a book on the flooring beside the fireplace.

fortnite book locations 3 gameplay
You’ll discover the area next to a fireplace.
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Sweaty Sands

Book area 4: The very first book to gather in Sweaty Sands is at the cottage located here, directly across from the trailer park. Its entrance has a metal frame around it.

fortnite book locations 4 map
The very first book in Sweaty Sands is at this house across from the trailer park.
Epic Games

You’ll enter into a bedroom, and there’s a book on the floor beside the bed.

fortnite book locations 4 gameplay
The book is on the floor of the bed room that you participate in.
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Book area 5: Leave that home and hop over the fence to the blue-brick home straight ahead.

fortnite book locations 5 map
Keep heading east and into the blue-brick house directly ahead.
Legendary Games

As soon as you enter you’ll see a bookcase next to a set of stairs. There’s another book on the floor to gather.

fortnite book locations 5 gameplay
You’ll see a book on the floor beside the stairs.
Epic Games

Book location 6: The last book area is a little additional east, to the next house in the line. It’s a brick home with a deck and a “private property” sign out front.

fortnite book locations 6 map
Our final book area in Sweaty Sands is at the 3rd home in the line with the “personal property” sign out front.
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Go within, go through the very first door left wing and you’ll enter a bed room with a bookcase. Similar to the others, the last book to collect is on the ground next to it. Simply gather books from 5 of these 6 locations, and the XP benefit is yours to keep.

fortnite book locations 6 gameplay
You’ll find it on the flooring of this bedroom off to the left.
Legendary Games
S, Xbox One, Change, PC and Android.

Were you able to find a minimum of 5 books to collect? Which of the Week 7 Obstacles is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section!


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