Two Florida guys have been jailed for allegedly digging up individuals’s tombs and stealing human remains for use in a religious shrine. The bodies include those of three military veterans.

Police with the Polk County Sheriff’s Workplace believe 2 men–43- year-old Brian Montalvo Tolentino and his presumed accomplice, 39- year-old Juan Burgos-Lopez– dug up and beheaded remains on December 9 at the Edgewood Cemetery in Mount Dora, a central Florida city about 33 miles north of Orlando.

The sheriff’s workplace supposedly identified Tolentino from DNA discovered on a smoked cigar left at the criminal activity scene, according to CBS Miami. Authorities likewise found candles, a compromised bird and orange peels at the uncovered gravesites.

When police investigated Tolentino’s home, authorities claim they discovered a shed with a spiritual shrine, and 7 skulls: 2 fake, 4 taken from Mount Dora graves, according to the suspects, and one which came from an unknown place. He likewise had different other religious shrines in his house.

human skulls veterans Florida religious shrine arrested
2 Florida men were arrested for presumably taking human remains and skulls to use in a religious shrine. The desecrated remains consist of those of 3 military veterans.

The shrine likewise consisted of “bones, sticks, feathers, rocks, turtle shells, and little animal skulls,” according to CBS. Police County Constable Grady Judd believes the skulls become part of a “black magic” religious beliefs referred to as Palo Mayombe, which needs body parts for praise.

The 2 males supposedly confessed to visiting the Mount Dora cemetery, opening coffins with crowbars, eliminating the remains’ heads, placing them in plastic bags and after that returning to Tolentino’s home. Authorities say the males admitted to specifically taking the skulls of military veterans since body parts coming from heroes and warriors have more power.

The desecrated graves and remains were those of 54- year-old Korean war veteran Henry Brittain, 92- year-old World War I veteran Elbert Carr, 57- year-old law enforcement officers Calvin McNair and 53- year-old non-veteran caretaker Annie Faniel.

The remains have actually considering that been gone back to their tombs and the households of the deceased have actually been alerted.

Authorities state that Burgos-Lopez is a religious leader referred to as a Tata who produces YouTube videos about his faith’s practices and likewise partially owns two companies that offer herbs, oils and other materials associated with Palo Mayombe spiritual practices.

Palo is a faith that established in Cuba among enslaved Main African people. Its chief beliefs consist of great respect for spirits and belief in the powers of earth and nature. The spiritual shrine is a main feature of the religion and is thought to house a spirit of the dead.

The faiths has actually been linked to grave break-ins that resulted in a 1995 arrest in Miami, a 2002 arrest in New Jersey and a 2015 arrest in Connecticut.

Newsweek got in touch with the Polk County Constable’s Workplace for remark.


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