In constructing their case against a New York City sanitation worker for participating in the U.S. Capitol riot, the FBI utilized numerous states’ license plate trackers to place him in Washington on the day a mob attacked the federal structure.

A New Jersey license plate reader tracked a plate associated with Madden taking a trip south on I-295 on January 5.

Dominick madden arrest capitol riot
Dominick Madden, seen circled around in red in this U.S. Justice Department photo, was jailed on Thursday and faces numerous charges for presumably participating in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
Department of Justice

Madden was seen in pictures using a QAnon hooded sweatshirt and waving a Donald Trump flag in front of the Capitol. Madden, who was the topic of a New York Post story, was likewise seen in monitoring video entering the structure through the Senate wing door.

The FBI validated that Madden worked for New York City’s sanitation department by cross-referencing info he utilized for a passport application. When his company asked him about his location during the Capitol riot, Madden stated he was out on ill leave that day and confessed to being out of the home without authorization.

The sanitation department didn’t ask particularly about his participation in the riot due to the fact that of legal reasons, but he was suspended.


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