On Monday, federal agents tracked down and detained 26- year-old insurrectionist Brian Gundersen for participating in the January 6 riots in the Capitol. The FBI identified him through the letterman’s coat he used while invading the federal structure. Gundersen and the fellow mob of fans for now-former President Donald Trump had wanted to overturn the outcomes of the 2020 governmental elections which Trump baselessly claimed had actually been stolen through an extraordinary nationwide conspiracy of citizen fraud.

The FBI had the ability to learn Gundersen’s name thanks to the jacket which revealed the name of his high school– Byram Hills High School in North Castle Area, New York City– and his previous football jersey number. Tipsters supposedly helped confirm his identity by sending law enforcement authorities numerous images of Gundersen wearing the exact same jacket in other places, including with Fox News characters.

Gundersen at first rejected remaining in the Capitol on January 6 and after that later stated that he had been pressed into the structure by other rioters. His claims fell apart when authorities browsed his phone and discovered a message that he sent 2 days after the insurrection which read, “We all stormed the us capital and attempted to take over the federal government. We stopped working but f ck it.”

Brian Gundersen capitol riots arrested jacket FBI
FBI representatives tracked down insurrectionist Brian Gundersen after they identified his high school and previous football jersey number on a letterman’s coat he wore while trying to reverse the results of the 2020 governmental elections. In this January 6, 2021 photo, pro-Trump protesters collect in front of the U.S. Capitol Building on in Washington, DC prior to overpowering cops to by force get in and raid the structure. 5 people passed away and lots of officers were hurt due to the fact that of their rioting.
Jon Cherry/Getty

The FBI also spoke with a “close individual” buddy of Gundersen’s who stated that he was “a devoted advocate of former President Trump and a fan of commentator Nick Fuentes.”

Nick Fuentes is a 22- year-old anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration podcaster who advised Capitol insurrectionists to destroy their phones to evade arrest. He has actually been referred to as a white supremacist by the Anti-Defamation League and was prohibited from YouTube in February 2020 for violating the video-sharing site’s policies on hate speech.

Republican North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn and other Republican lawmakers have actually declared that Democrats positioned “agitators” among the mob in order to make Trump and his fans look bad. The FBI has stated there is no proof to back up these claims.

The insurrection at the Capitol left five dead, consisting of a Capitol authorities officer.

A Reuters photojournalist has said they heard insurrectionists inside the Capitol actively searching for Vice President Pence with the goal of killing him for declining to oppose Biden’s election triumph.

Newsweek got in touch with the FBI for remark.


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