In context: Even though the vacation shopping season is officially over, consumers are still discovering it almost impossible to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 without taking out a 2nd home loan. Scalpers buying up online stock are driving regular clients to the few brick-and-mortar shops that haven’t stopped in-store sales.

Digitimes reports that Sony is prepared to ship in between 16.8 million and 18 million PS5 consoles in2021 According to “market sources,” TSMC, AMD, and others in Sony’s supply chain are ramping up production to satisfy the high need.

These numbers equate to approximately about 1.4-1.5 million PS5s shipping monthly in2021 Nevertheless, according to September estimates from Sony, roughly 2.4-3.7 each month should land on store shelves in between launch and the end of March. Far, that appears to be ideal on track in spite of not having actually reached its goal of shipping 10 million units by year’s end.

Although they did not offer the numbers, the sources said Sony would schedule more PS5s for the Asian market beginning January2021 In the 4 weeks following its release, Sony just moved 118,000 systems in Japan compared a record-setting to 3.4 million in the West.

Sony has actually not launched production projections for 2021, and even its price quotes of shipping 10 million units by the end of 2020 does not appear to have actually panned out. That stated, it would be good to see Sony put the PS5 scalpers out of service with an abundance of stock.

Image credit: Charles Sims


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