Why it matters: No longer as much as 2 months after acquiring the tune provider Bandcamp, Epic Video games seems to be coming to its protection. On the opposite hand, this case completely aligns with Epic’s battles with mobile platform holders. Is it simply utilizing Bandcamp in its crusade, or did their pursuits valid happen to coincide?

This week, Epic Video games and its most modern acquisition Bandcamp maintain attain out against Google’s upcoming protection changes, which will force the tune app to course of digital payments exclusively thru Google’s fee system. Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond talked about here’s incompatible with the usual goal of the tune provider. Epic, which struck a deal to purchase Bandcamp in early March, filed a motion in a California court docket with the same sentiment.

For the time being, Bandcamp processes digital tune purchases on its Android app thru its present fee system, which lets it scoot 82 percent of gross sales revenue to artists. All over some promotions, it provides all gross sales proceeds to artists, which is why the provider is correctly appreciated by indie musicians.

Apple customers can simplest hear to tune, take it on bodily media, or take merchandise. Bandcamp’s iOS app would not course of digital purchases in any respect due to Apple’s required revenue decrease makes it no longer doable for the firm to be so generous. The Android app would possibly maybe maybe maybe cease up this formulation except Epic or the court docket system can broker a compromise.

Till now, Google’s fee system hasn’t been a very noteworthy for digital tune purchases on Play Retailer apps, nonetheless that exception ends on June 1. Later on, Google will eradicate 10 percent of the Bandcamp app’s digital purchase revenue. Epic and Bandcamp talked about this would possibly maybe well both force the latter to scoot the extra impress to buyers (taking the decrease from artists is a nonstarter for them), delist the Bandcamp app, or operate it with out digital purchases bask in the iOS app.

Epic’s court docket filing describes Google’s insurance policies as monopolistic and even unlawful. It echoes the language Epic ragged in its lawful battle against Apple over the ethical to characteristic the mobile model of Fortnite with out utilizing Apple’s fee system.

Despite Epic mostly shedding that wrestle, governments worldwide are starting up to legislate against forcing apps to make exercise of platform holders’ fee systems. Leisurely final month, Dutch regulators mandated that Apple allow native dating apps to make exercise of third-celebration fee processors. Final August, South Korea handed a legislation forbidding Google and Apple from forcing their fee systems onto apps. Such rules would possibly maybe maybe maybe conflict with Google’s upcoming protection replace.


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