Something to eagerly anticipate: Capcom’s Local Evil Display took place the other day, exposing gameplay video footage of the next entry in the series: Resident Evil Town. The business also revealed a new six-person multiplayer deathmatch mode called RE: Verse that comes free with the game.

The brand-new Homeowner Evil Town trailer gives us a much better look at the giant vampire woman that sent out the web into a frenzy recently. Called Woman Dimitrescu, we see her speaking to someone called Mother Miranda– potentially the video game’s primary villain.

We likewise get another glimpse of what could be Woman Dimitrescu’s daughters, who appear able to become clouds of pests– might there be some link to Resi VII’s Marguerite? And the hammer-wielding character who turns up at the end could be the vampire woman’s bro (Heisenberg?).

Taking a look at the gameplay, Resident Evil Village sticks with the exact same first-person viewpoint the series adopted in Resi VII. There’s also the grid-based stock from Resi 4, together with a crafting system.

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In addition to the main game, Local Evil Village purchasers get an entirely separate multiplayer mode called RE: Verse.

Local Evil Village launches on PC, PS 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X on May 7,2021 ” width=”936″>


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