A 39- year-old electrical expert presumably beat and stabbed 3 of his colleagues throughout a violent rampage in Davenport, Florida on Saturday, authorities stated.

On Friday early morning, Shaun Runyon and his manager entered an argument while at work, which presumably ended in Runyon punching him and after that running away the scene, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated throughout an interview on Saturday. Runyon was not seen for the remainder of the day.

Runyon, his colleagues and their households were residing in a Davenport, Florida house leased by their company, J & B Electric Inc., while they were operating in Florida with the grocery store chain Publix, Judd stated. In overall, 7 individuals were residing in the home.

On Saturday early morning, he apparently went back to the house wielding a knife and baseball bat, assaulting his colleagues.

” He stabbed and beat individuals inside the home,” Judd stated.

Florida Police
A guy presumably eliminated 3 of his colleagues in a house they were leasing while operating in Davenport, Florida on Saturday. Above, a policeman is seen standing beside his cruiser in Orlando in November2009 .
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Runyon apparently beat among his colleagues to death while the victim remained in bed sleeping, and apparently eliminated another. The 2nd victim was discovered on the front deck of the house, Judd stated.

A 3rd victim was likewise “beaten considerably” and passed away Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

He presumably chased after the 4th victim into the street and struck him with the baseball bat, however the victim is “all right,” Judd stated. Another guy, his better half and his 7-year-old child had the ability to leave the house without damage.

Runyon then supposedly got away the scene, and authorities invested about 2 hours looking for him, according to Judd. He was discovered 2 hours later on after appearing at a house in Lake Wells, using bloody clothing and declaring he was raped.

The couple whose house he appeared at advised him to go to the healthcare facility, where police took him into custody. Judd stated Runyon admitted to detectives, however it is still not understood what triggered him to go on the supposed rampage.

” We have no concept what outraged him so bad that more than 24 hours later on that he would return and make an effort to eliminate each of them,” Judd stated, explaining the criminal activity scene as “dreadful.”

” The dreadful killer remains in custody,” he stated.

Court records suggest that Runyon is from the Nazareth location in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, WFMZ-TV, a Pennsylvania tv news station, reported.

He has actually been charged with 3 counts of first-degree murder and one count of exacerbated battery. Cops did not launch the identities of the victims. The attack stays under examination, Judd stated.

Davenport is a city of about 7,300 individuals situated southwest of Orlando.


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