Police in Maryland state that a male fatally shot both his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife on Saturday prior to taking his own life.

Police in Baltimore reacted to a call about an alarm on Saturday and discovered a 41- year-old lady who had actually been shot, and was noticable dead by the time medical responders got here.

Police then got details that the suspect intended on dedicating another killing, in Howard County, Maryland, stated Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison in a Saturday interview. At the time, he stated authorities were still working to inform relative of the victims and might not launch their identities to the general public.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the suspect published a video on Facebook Live beyond an apartment in Columbia, Maryland, prior to he presumably eliminated his ex-wife.

” Anyway, I simply did something insane, male. I simply shot my ex-girlfriend in the head,” he states in the video.

Father Kills Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-Wife and Himself
Police in Maryland state that a male fatally shot both his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife on Saturday prior to taking his own life. Above, an individual strolls past a patrol car on July 28, 2019 in Baltimore,
Spencer Platt

” Felt like a dream. I never ever believed I would be that person. I can’t go to jail, so the individual that actually began my anxiety and all of this is my ex-wife. She next. I’m going to do myself too.”

On Sunday, authorities in Howard County determined the female eliminated in Columbia as Wendy Natalie Black,42 They likewise recognized the suspect as Rajaee Shareef Black. Authorities stated that both of them were discovered dead with gunshot injuries on Saturday.

Howard County authorities stated that following the shooting, officers discovered Black’s 2 young kids unscathed in his vehicle, “in the car park of the apartment building where the shooting took place.” Cops kept in mind that the kids “have actually been positioned in a safe environment and did not witness the event.”

” Investigators think Rajaee Black pertained to Columbia after having actually simply devoted a domestic murder a brief time previously in Baltimore,” cops included a composed description of the event.

When gotten in touch with for information about the event on Sunday, Baltimore authorities referred Newsweek to Saturday’s interview.

In a different event this month, a male in Florida admitted to shooting and eliminating his partner and 2 kids. The guy was charged with 3 counts of second-degree murder.

” Later on he informed us that he shot each victim numerous times, simply to make certain they didn’t suffer,” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper stated. “When he was asked why he didn’t simply shoot himself, he stated he was too frightened to do that.”


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