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Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal has actually opened up about her scary experience during ‘fat transfer’ surgery, in which she lost half the blood in her body.

“I lost half the blood in my body and ended up in the medical facility needing a blood transfusion,” she captioned her selfie, which revealed her chest wrapped in bandages.

The surgery itself includes fat being gotten rid of from one location of the body and injected into another area– normally the breasts. The former Friend went on to call out society’s appeal requirements which she stated were a “trap”.” I advocate for being natural given that I got very ill and removed my implants and whatever else harmful in my body in2016 I must have discovered my lesson the first time but I guess the universe keeps sending you the very same lesson until you learn it.” Crystal included, ” Our culture is a trap and makes women feel dreadful about themselves.”


She continued, “Social media makes it worse. Physically fake individuals make it even worse (I was one of them). How our culture defines charm makes it impossible to keep up with.

Crystal, who “made a living” based upon her appearance exposed she has to “compose pointers” to “encourage [herself] that [she’s] enough.” She concluded her caption, “This is a big slap on my own wrist for caving in to this pressure, even now in my 30’s– as I believed I would have discovered my lesson by now.”


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