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Natalie exposes all to Maggie about what went down with Crockett in this UNIQUE sneak peek of ‘Chicago Medication.’ Natalie insists she knows Crockett’s ‘credibility,’ but Maggie still warns her to be mindful.

Maggie comes up to Natalie at the medical facility to inquire about what’s going on with her and Crockett. Natalie states she was simply asking Crockett’s suggestions about a client, however she then pulls Maggie aside to dive into some juicier details.

Right now, Maggie asks Natalie how her night with Crockett was. “It was excellent. It was enjoyable. But before you state anything, alright, I am under no impressions. I understand Crockett’s track record,” Natalie says in our sneak peek of episode 5 of season 6. Maggie tells her good friend that she didn’t think “that was your ambiance.”

Torrey DeVitto
Torrey DeVitto and Dominic Rains in ‘Chicago Med.’ (NBC)

Natalie describes that there’s more to their connection than just sex. Maggie teases Natalie about her steamy night, and Natalie stresses that there’s this “opposite” to Crockett. “Look, possibly I’m fine keeping it casual, alright?” Natalie admits. Is she?

Natalie tries to divert the Crockett discussion and asks about young Auggie. Maggie reveals that Auggie’s test results will come back quickly, and they’ll look to family members who might be prepared to contribute so that Auggie can get a liver transplant. “That kid is so fortunate to have you in his corner,” Natalie tells Maggie.

Marlyne Barrett
Marlyne Barrett in ‘Chicago Medication.’ (NBC)

Maggie gets an alert that she has her session with Dr. Charles today, and she’s not delighted about it. Prior to she leaves, Maggie makes sure to inform Natalie to “be careful” with Crockett.

The run-through for the Feb. 3 episode checks out: “Dr. Halstead is finding continued success in his trial. Dr. Charles’ daughter, Anna, receives life-altering news. Noah finds himself in a circumstance not even April can repair.” Chicago Med season 6 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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