In context: We have actually currently seen a couple of patches that aimed to fix damaged quests and enhance efficiency in Cyberpunk2077 Aside from these small updates, developer CD Projekt Red stated that it had 2 “major” iterations in the works for January and February.

Cyberpunk 2077 variation 1.1 landed on Saturday with a wide range of quest, UI, visual, and stability patches. Nevertheless, despite the numerous objective fixes noted in the spot notes, the video game’s most current iteration managed to break the formerly working “Down on the Street” quest.

Under typical conditions, Takemura telephones V about a day after accepting the objective. When responding to the call, the dialog does not play out, and the quest stops working to move to the next stage. The bug exists on all platforms.

We’re dealing with the concern where the conversation with Takemura might not start during the quest “Down on the Street” for @CyberpunkGame and strategy to release a Hotfix to address it as soon as possible.
In the meantime, here’s a potential workaround

— CD PROJEKT RED CS (@CDPRED_Support) January 25, 2021

It may not be such a bothersome error if it were simply a side objective.

It includes reloading a save prior to the conversation with Wakako that activates the quest.

Unfortunately, those who began the objective but then went off to do side missions could lose hours of progress using this workaround. In that case, it may be much better to await the next patch. CDPR did not state when it would have a repair, it’s probably safe to say this bug is one of its leading priorities at the minute.


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