Brie Bella is a mommy times 2! She’s exposing how daughter Birdie is stepping up to assist baby Buddy just in time for the launch of her Nicole Brizee kids line!

Brie Bella, 37, invited 7-month-old kid Pal in July, and while her other half is away working, daughter Birdie, 3, has actually become her go-to helper. “I need to state, seeing Birdie as an older sis, it’s just truly heart melting,” Brie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY from her Napa Valley house on March 4 as she discussed her Nicole Brizee line with sister Nikki Bella “She loves him a lot. She offers him many kisses, she actually cares about him. I seem like making her an assistant or a 2nd mother makes it much easier,” she gushed.

The reality star has actually been wed to WWE professional wrestler Brian Danielson, 39, since 2014– and he still invests plenty of time on the road working. “It can be difficult, for sure,” Brie, who likewise has Bonita white wine and Birdiebee activewear line with her sis, revealed.

From bottles to diapers, Birdie is always there to provide a helping hand and let her mother know when her infant sibling requires support. Brie included. I’m always like, ‘Oh, mommy needs your assistance.

These days, Birdie is so independent, she’s even making herself meals! “Today she’s into this thing where it’s like breakfast in bed which I do not mind due to the fact that I get more time to have my coffee,” Brie said. “But she’ll be like, “I’ll have breakfast in bed,” and she’ll lay back and resemble[eating] And she enjoys building. She’ll remain in her room for a couple of hours up until she comes out for the day.”

And simply in time for baby number 2, comes her new qualified organic Nicole Brizee tearless line, best for bath time for both kids and adults! With everything from haircare to body items, Brie understands the line that she began with her twin sister is various from everything else out there because of her own experiences. “We were WWE super stars and got our hair pulled for a long time and we know how essential it is for us to have strong hair.


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