9021 -0 h my! Carol Potter, who played Mrs. Walsh on the OG ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ states she would flirt with Luke Perry, despite the fact that he was on-screen dating her TV child Shannen Doherty.

The Beverly Hills 90210 set sure appeared to be quite an interesting location behind the scenes back in the day. OG stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling welcomed Mrs. Cindy Walsh herself, starlet Carol Potter, 72, to their “9021 OMG” podcast on Jan. 4. She obviously represented the mother to teenage twins Brenda Walsh ( Shannen Doherty) and Brandon Walsh ( Jason Priestley) on the renowned 90 s Fox drama. Carol let it spill that she had a little bit of an off-screen crush on Brenda’s TELEVISION boyfriend, late star Luke Perry, who played heartthrob Dylan McKay.

Carol dished to Jennie and Tori, who played Brenda’s West Beverly High pals and classmates Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin on the program. Oh my goodness Mrs Walsh! Carol likewise exposed that she had the “biggest crush” on Luke while they appeared on the program together.

Carol Potter
Carol Potter in a discount photo for ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’ Image credit: Everett Collection.

She then played a video game of “Kiss, Wed, Kick to the Curb” with the male stars from the show. Carol said that she would kiss Luke, wed Brian Austin Green( who played David Silver) and kick Jason to the curb, considering that having those type of sensations for one’s TV boy would be pretty icky.

In addition to squashing on Luke– and who didn’t in the past?– Carol also revealed that her relationship with TV daughter Shannen was simply cordial at best. “We weren’t warm and fuzzy. I suggest, we had some great scenes together, however I never felt that near to Shannen. I felt actually near James [Eckhouse],” she revealed, describing the actor who played her TELEVISION partner Jim Walsh.

Jason Priestly, Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty and Carol Potter
Jason Priestly, Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty and Carol Potter in a scene from ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.’: Image credit: Everett Collection

Shannen was with the program from its 1990 launching on FOX through 1994, leaving amidst reports of clashes with fellow cast members.” When Tiffani came, she and I had a blast,” Potter dished. Well, at least there was area for Luke and Carol 5o have some flirty fun throughout her 8 on and off seasons of the program.


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