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When director Katrine Philp’s sister-in-law became ill, she felt despair and unhappiness enjoying her household face the psychological pain. Her sister-in-law was experiencing what Philp refers to as “germs running berserk in her body” and while she survived, Philp says her healing was a lengthy, strenuous process.

” I saw how she was struggling with her life, while my sibling and their 3 kids were by her side, for a very, very, long time,” Philp informs MTV News. “It was extremely tough for the whole family. I saw my family, and I could see their powerlessness.”

That’s how she discovered Excellent Grief, a nonprofit providing psychological health resources to bereaved children and their households based in Morristown, New Jersey.

Philp chatted with CEO Joe Primo through Skype in May 2018, long before video talking became the brand-new regular in the age of COVID-19 Production on the film was completed before the pandemic struck, however its release is more prompt than ever, as the world emerges from a minute of cumulative trauma. Primo immediately fell in love with Philp’s vision, citing her “gentleness and heat” as reasons he trusted her to movie at the facility. “I think her character is a lot what makes up the movie and makes it as lovely as it is,” Primo informs MTV News

Good Grief was established in 2004 by a group of volunteers who desired to serve as advocates for grieving children. Furthermore, they collaborate activities for children, as Philp tenderly showcases throughout the movie, like setting up headstones in a sandbox, blowing off steam in a “volcano room” where they can weep and shriek when they can’t discover the words to express their sensations, and stating goodbye to a teddy bear patient in a healthcare facility room.

While it may be soothing to tell a kid that their parent has gone to heaven, Great Grief takes a more direct and secular technique to describe death, allowing the kid to process the fact that their parent will no longer exist physically.

” At Excellent Grief, we talk about death being a biological event,” Primo says. “I’ve heard numerous versions where someone will say, ‘Mommy remains in paradise,’ but then a day or 2 later, they’re loafing a casket, in a cemetery. Everyone’s crying and the kid is like, ‘Wait, if Mommy’s in heaven, who remains in package? Why are we here? What is this about?’ Which’s since of how adults teach and speak with children about death.”

Philp’s hubby, Adam Morris Philp, acted as the movie’s cinematographer. Over the course of a year, they visited Good Sorrow [from their home in Copenhagen] 3 times a week, speaking with kids in the program. Throughout the last 4 months of recording, they relocated to Morristown, bringing their two children with them.

While filming, their kids would remain behind the scenes, however when the electronic cameras were off, they played with the Excellent Grief kids.

Throughout the production of Gorgeous Something Left Behind in 2018, Philp’s dad passed away suddenly. She didn’t expect she would have to process her own loss while documenting the children, providing her a new appreciation for the strength of the children to be open about their own losses.

” I believe that the kids in the movie show us what we need to know about sorrow,” Philp says. It was crucial for me to make this movie as a journey into the grief of the kids.

The movie captures the kids in numerous raw states of psychological recovery.

Lovely Something Left Behind won SXSW’s Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary in 2015, where it was initially set to premiere prior to the conference was canceled due to the beginning of the coronavirus. The pandemic has actually also impacted operations at Excellent Grief, where kids and grownups have not had the ability to have in-person conferences. According to Primo, the nonprofit right away rotated to a virtual platform during the early days of lockdown. For their summer camp, which is traditionally held over a week-long duration in August, it held a virtual camp during the totality of last year’s summer season.

The previous year was one of loss for lots of individuals, and Philp hopes Beautiful Something Left Behind motivates audiences to talk directly about their feelings and reach out to individuals who are struggling.

“Because when you’re in sorrow, it is so isolating.

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