An asteroid that could be up to 2 times as large as the height of the Empire State Structure is going to fly previous Earth next week– but our world will be spared a crash.

The asteroid, known as 1999 RM45, is going to pass within just 1.8 million miles of Earth at around 7: 52 pm UTC on Tuesday March 2, according to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Studies ( CNEOS).

On a huge scale, this range is tiny.

When the space rock passes by the Earth, researchers think it will be taking a trip at around 44,700 miles per hour– about 50 times faster than a pistol bullet.

The close pass is estimated to be the nearby the asteroid will come to the Earth for decades to come.

That asteroid was only the size of a home– much smaller sized than 1999 RM45– but still its crash with the Earth released approximately the same amount of energy as 440,000 loads of TNT and smashed windows more than 200 square miles away, according to NASA.
A stock image reveals an artist’s impression of an asteroid in space against a backdrop of stars. 1999 RM45 is categorized by NASA as “possibly hazardous.”


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