AnnaLynne McCord Exposes Dissociative Identity Condition Medical Diagnosis

AnnaLynne McCord is sharing more about her psychological health journey in the wake of her dissociative identity condition medical diagnosis.

In an interview with Excellent Early Morning America, the 90210 star remembered recording a season 2 scene for The CW series in which an instructor, played by Hal Ozsan, rapes her character Naomi.

” My entire body like simply entered into panic mode as if I was living out my life on video camera,” McCord stated. “These minutes were emerging through my work. I didn’t comprehend anything about the mind or the brain at the time, I was simply attempting to do my task and I could not.”

McCord described that though she had an extreme psychological response around this scene, she didn’t have actually the memories related to her discomfort. Ultimately, she discovered she was a sexual assault survivor, which she had “all of the harmful, poisonous, damaging memories” locked away.

The starlet initially spoke up about being a sexual attack survivor in 2012, and later on discussed abuse she suffered in youth in 2014.

Offered the lot of false information about dissociative identity condition– characters in movies like Split illustrate those with the medical diagnosis as having unique various characters and identities– McCord described what it suggests for her.

” You have pieces of yourself,” she stated. “There’s AnnaLynne, who’s talking to you right now? And after that there’s the part of me that this injury occurred to that still, if you can picture it like caught in Pandora’s box and I simply opened Pandora’s box.”

She continued, “The brain does not appreciate lifestyle. It simply appreciates going on to continue living. I desire my lifestyle to improve which’s why I entered this recovery procedure.”

Paul Archuleta/WireImage

AnnaLynne initially discussed her medical diagnosis previously this month in a discussion with Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics.

” My medical professional– it’s an enormous spectrum undoubtedly, right– however she stated that I had it quite seriously,” she discussed in the video. “And my divides prior to my memories returned, I had conclusive divides. In my history, you’ll see me, you understand, I simply appear with a black wig and a brand-new character and I was this difficult little baddie and after that I ‘d be the bohemian flower kid. And likewise being a starlet, my capability to divide, all of my functions were divides.”

She discussed how playing her character Pauline in the 2012 movie Excision assisted her recognize what was occurring.

” I played a really, like, cerebral, disrupted, unusual little woman that was really near to who I feel I am on the within,” she stated. “It was extremely exposing, really facing, most likely a bit re-traumatizing without understanding it, perhaps even a bit recovery too through a few of it.”


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