Report mill: Previously today, 2 systems appeared on a dispersed computing platform that, according to its records, were working on AMD’s as-of-yet unrevealed Ryzen 5000 series Threadrippers. The records do not expose much about the processors however what exists, if genuine, verifies details about them that has actually been originating from the Gigabyte ransomware leakages.

On August 23 MilkyWay@home, a volunteer dispersed computing network that attempts to construct an in-depth 3D design of the Galaxy galaxy, logged a Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995 WX and a Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5945 WX, both noted as “Household 25 Design.” Twitter bot @BenchLeaks published the discovery the other day. According to the report, the 5995 WX has 64 cores and 128 threads, while the 5945 WX is a 12- core, 24- thread processor.

The log for the 5995 WX follows a leakage that Wccftech shared recently. To name a few details about AMD’s upcoming processors, RansomExx’s ransomware attack on Gigabyte and subsequent release of Gigabyte’s information exposed that the Threadripper Pro 5995 WX, the flagship workstation design of the 5000 Threadripper line, will have 64 cores and 128 threads. The leakage likewise discussed it would support 8-channel DDR4 memory and have 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes. It is anticipated to introduce in early 2022.

There was likewise a 64- core, 128- thread Threadripper 5990 X in the leakage as the flagship of the HEDT processors (rather than the Pro workstation CPUs). It has 256 MB of L3 cache, 64 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and 4-channel DDR-3200 memory. It is reported to release in November of this year. Leakages because previously this year have actually been pointing out the 5000 series Threadrippers under the codename “Chagall.”


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