David “Tokyo” Broom, Melissa Beck, Jamie Murray, Danny Roberts, Matt Smith, Julie Stoffer and Kelley Wolf are returning to the right world they called dwelling serve in 2000. All together now: “Sqwee- dabboh-dwee-da-boh-dawww.”

In the most most important seek for at the Paramount+ series The Exact World Homecoming: Novel Orleans, premiering April 20, the seven Y2K-generation roommates are “marching serve in” to the Gargantuan Straightforward. Sure, Melissa, you is more doubtless to be “if fact be told doing this.”

And while all people walks into their new NOLA homestead (bye, Belfort!) “being polite” with a lot of hugs, they’re “getting right” straight out of the gate to address unfinished enterprise decades within the making.

“Julie has a controversial history with rather a couple of us,” Danny says, while Melissa provides, “I’m now not attempting to debris with that girl.”

Wretchedness viewers did seek for the females clash on Battle of the Sexes in 2003, so Melissa’s assertion is now not a total shock. But how does Julie work together along with her MTV cohorts? And who confesses “I’m a in point of fact damaged man correct now”? Stare the trailer above, and movement the premiere Wednesday, April 20. In addition as, the authentic 23-episode season of The Exact World: Novel Orleans, will reach to Paramount+ a week earlier on Wednesday, April 13!

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