Every male for himself? Not a lot when it pertains to The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, which simply tossed a substantial curveball at its staying gamers. Now that the video game’s been cut in half (or doubled-up, depending on how you look at it), we’ve got ta ask: Which brand-new duo is the one to beat?

On the most recent episode of the spinoff series, gamers got one of 2 things: terrific news or fuel for one especially long sob session. After “Deep Dive,” which challenged rivals– in sets– to dive 30 feet into a deep cenote prior to putting together a 3-D puzzle, TJ notified groups that their selected partners would stay as such for the remainder of the season.

For some, the twist was factor to commemorate. Melinda stated she and Nehemiah, who were cast mates way back on The Real World: Austin, would be “the group to beat,” while Casey stated of Cohutta: “I do not believe [he] gets sufficient credit … he’s an outstanding partner.” Even Teck, sometimes cautious of Ayanna, stated that their 20- plus-year-bond (they both very first appeared on MTV in 1998 on The Real World: Hawaii and Road Rules: Semester at Sea, respectively) would likely be an advantage in the video game.

And then … there was Jasmine and Tyler, a not likely collaboration created out of need. Jasmine stated she felt “awful” that she coped the objective, in which she and Tyler eventually put last and discovered themselves immediately sentenced to a round in The Arena.

” I’m annoyed, to be sincere,” Tyler stated. “But it’s never ever over till it’s over. I’m a fighter.”

It was clear every day’s end, however, that Teams MJ/Jonna, Darrell/Janelle and Jodi/Brad were the most natural colleagues, and after a commanding efficiency, Jodi and Brad made success in what had actually ended up being a familiar pattern in the video game.

” Jodi’s beating the kids once again, huh?” Darrell appropriately observed throughout the objective.

By requiring Life Shield holders Melinda’s and Teck’s hands utilizing Casey and Steve’s convenient hack, Brad and Jodi really quickly tossed Laterrian and Kendal– another strong group– into The Arena. The only issue: Kendal, who experienced a joint condition, was required to leave the video game after hurting her ribs throughout the “Deep Dive” drop. Therefore Jasmine was spared removal, while Laterrian and Tyler prepared for a “Pole Wrestle” for the ages.

Laterrian, who walloped Ace in the really exact same removal video game in All Stars Season 1, extended his winning streak after an intense battle with Tyler, making the right to remain, the next Life Shield and Jasmine as a brand-new partner. And while other gamers stayed uncertain Jasmine might make the cut, LT believed she had what it required to prosper.

” I understand my brand-new partner has a lots of heart,” LT stated. “There’s no one in this home that has a larger heart than she does.”

But will heart suffice? Or will a larger, brawnier duo have the upper hand? What do you believe– do Jodi and Brad have a clear course to the goal? Could MJ and Jonna slip up on them? Could Teck and Ayanna be the wild cards, or might Jasmine and Laterrian be the darkest of dark horses? Share your ideas, then hang tight for the next episode!

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