Nilsa shared two big words with her MTV Floribama Shore roomies: “I’m pregnant!” And Gus everyone was stunned.

Throughout the season best, Nilly– who is about 10 and a half weeks in addition to a child boy– shared the lifechanging news as the Southerners got settled in their new Montana home. However first the mama-to-be confided in her “thot partner.”

” My heart actually strikes my vaginal area– that’s how far it went down in my stomach,” future Auntie Aimee stated after her BFF broke the news. “I’m going to be the auntie that teaches this baby how to say f ck and sh t and ass.”

The two began to plan how to inform Candace, Codi, Gus number 1, Jeremiah and Kirk due to the fact that Nilsa’s absence of drinking would make everybody suspicious in no time (a Floribama roomie can just avoid shots for so long without an excuse).

” I’m really hoping that nobody passes out, ahem Gus,” Aimee stated in the confessional about the impending expose.

Nilsa opted to tell everyone about the infant on night 1, prefacing the announcement by thanking them all for the support they provided when her daddy suddenly died earlier in the summertime.

” I don’t mean to sob,” Nilsa began as she cleaned her eyes. “He loved all of you guys, and I understand he would be actually excited that we were all doing this once again.”

She continued: “I simply really want this time to be one that we can all, in an unusual way, do it for him. I know we’re going to have little fights and little arguments and bickers and things like that, but let’s simply keep in mind that life is truly brief.”

And that’s when she declared that she had a “little gift” for everyone– and told everyone to close their eyes as they chose a (used) pregnancy test out of a basket.

Candace was very first to screech “pregnant!” while Codi shouted “no way.” And then Gus formed words.

Yes, for real. Between choruses of “oh my god!” and “congratulations!” And, as Aimee predicted, Gus “appeared like he was going to faint” and required to rest on the sofa.

” I enjoy for her, but there’s a lot of freaking history there,” Gus confessed in a private interview prior to vintage video of Gilsa showed their ups and downs. And middles. “There’s 4 years of good, bad, everything in between.”

Offer your congrats to Nilsa and Gus 2.0 listed below– and keep enjoying MTV Floribama Shore each week with the first-ever Floribaby!


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