The Royal Rumble is a special event for many WWE fans. The guy fans never ever believed would reveal up in the WWE– let alone in his late 30 s, after stints with TNA and NJPW– lastly did, and he ended up altering whatever for the promo.

Now, the buildup to the 2021 Royal Rumble begins this Sunday with WWE’s new documentary, Untold: AJ Styles Royal Rumble Launching, which offers behind-the-scenes stories and a quick history of Styles’ in-ring career.

aj styles wwe royal rumble debut untold
AJ Styles making his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble.

The half-hour documentary starts with the manufacturer asking Styles an easy question: “Who is the Extraordinary One?” Styles chuckles as he tries to come up with an answer to what he calls the “most difficult question” he’s ever been asked.

It’s tough for Styles since it took many years, and lots of twists and turns, to figure out who he was as a man and as an entertainer.

In the doc, we discover how Styles’ love of wrestling developed when the Georgia native watched Georgia Championship Fumbling alone as a kid, and how his complicated relationship with his father formed him to become an athlete, competitor and the married man (he’s a hubby, and daddy of 3 kids) that he is today.

That level of intimacy produces a pretty compelling watch, and in his talking-head sections Designs is calm and comes off as authentic. He also obviously knows precisely what he desires to talk about and how to communicate it– it feels as though he’s been waiting to inform his personal story for a long time and he’s prepared, now that he has the platform.

Once the fundamental things about Designs’ individual life is developed, the documentary focuses on his wrestling journey, from the last days of WCW to a minor role in the WWE wrestling-in-dark matches on WWE Metal (remember that?), to him being used a developmental handle WWE, which is when Styles made the first truly big decision of his profession. The offer needed Styles to transfer to Cincinnati, but he turned the offer down because he felt he could not uproot his household.

” My wife’s dream came first, with her wanting to be a teacher, and I didn’t wish to mess that up,” Styles states in the documentary. “Lo and witness, I think it was the very best decision I ever made.”

wwe untold aj styles royal rumble debut

Of course, it’s these connections to Joe and Balor that helped Styles get to the doors of WWE as soon as again, after 17 years in the ring. The documentary builds to the 2016 Royal Rumble and AJ’s debut with WWE, and it’s enthralling to hear Styles talk about conference with the WWE and agreeing to sign, and then hear him also relive the moment that he debuted and the Royal Rumble match that occurred.

WWE Untold: AJ Styles Royal Rumble Launching will be offered on demand Sunday, January 17, at 10 a.m. ET on the WWE Network.


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