Move over Bean Dad, there’s a beginner who has ended up being the bane of presence for many on Twitter this week: The woman in the “Daddy” hat, otherwise referred to as Miya Ponsetto, a 22- year-old woman who was detained for attacking a 14- year-old kid recently.

Prior to Ponsetto was jailed at her house in Piru, California on Thursday, she talked to Gayle King about the event, in which she was seen dealing with the teenage kid of jazz artist Keyon Harrold at a New york city City hotel on December26 Ponsetto incorrectly implicated the teenager of stealing her phone prior to she verbally– then physically– attacked him.

Ponsetto was already facing reaction on social networks for what some have actually claimed was the racial profiling of the teen. The web’s irritation with her only intensified on Friday when the CBS This Morning interview launched. A frustrated Ponsetto appeared defensive in her talk with King and got snippy with the CBS host on a number of events consisting of one instance when she seemed to try and silence King by sticking her hand in front of the cam and saying, “Gayle, enough.”

The 22- year-old lady captured on camera supposedly physically assaulting a 14- year-old Black teenager and falsely implicating him of taking her phone was apprehended in California.

In a special interview, Miya Ponsetto and her legal representative talked to @GayleKing hours before she was arrested.

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) January 8, 2021

The icing on the cake for some audiences, however, was the truth that Ponsetto in fact showed up to the interview clad in a leather jacket and a baseball cap that had the word “Daddy” sewed across the front.

” If you’re going to go on national tv to plead ‘I’m child’ to allegations of racism, it makes sense to use your daddy hat,” someone composed on Twitter.

if you’re going to go on nationwide tv to plead “i’m child” to accusations of bigotry, it makes sense to use your daddy hat

— molly conger (@socialistdogmom) January 8, 2021

is she actually wearing a hat that states “daddy” or have I been consuming wonder gro again?

— Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson) January 8, 2021

Wrote another: “The daddy hat remains on while I excuse my bigotry and attempt to close down a reporter.”

” Lorddddd now I understand how y’ all feel watching these fools on Catfish come for me.

Lorddddd now I understand how y’ all feel seeing these fools on Catfish come for me.

I know this little neurotic LA model did not come on CBS attempting to disrespect THE Gayle King in a dusty ass Daddy hat, Lululemon leggings and a mf brassiere.

” My theory on Miya’s ‘daddy hat’: It’s not about her being a Daddy’s lady.

My theory on Miya’s “Daddy” hat:

It’s not about her being a Daddy’s lady.

It’s a visual taunt to Keyon Harrold, the jazz artist and daddy of the 14- year-old teenager that she attacked.

Simply days before Ponsetto ended up being the bane of the web’s presence, musician John Roderick was facing backlash on social media for his questionable tweets about refusing to give his starving child food prior to she found out how to open a can of beans. Roderick provided an apology, compensating his “parenting story’s insensitivity and the legacy of hurtful language in my past,” but not before Twitter called him “Bean Dad.”

 'Daddy' Hat Girl Miya Ponsetto Twitter Villain
Outrage sparks on Twitter after a female who assaulted a 14- year-old young boy appears in an interview with Gayle King wearing a hat that states “Daddy” on January 8, 2020.
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