The web goes wild over a neighborhood of sausage canines having the time of their lives as they enjoyed “pup cups,” regarded as from Starbucks.

Their owner, who calls herself Yuna, shared a clip of the coronary heart-warming behold to her TikTok online page, @yunabugs, as she defined she has eight dachshunds, who she calls weens.

“A miniature bit pup cup compilation to procure you during the week,” she captioned the cheery clip, by which she would possibly possibly per chance even be heard laughing within the background.

The pint-sized pooches delightfully tuck into their take care of, with their snouts in cups and cream in each set apart their face as they fortunately slurp their drinks in Starbucks-branded packaging.

The clip has accumulated bigger than 600,000 views since being posted on Thursday.

Folk raved over the entirely pleased scenes, with Forged saying, “Easiest TikTok video ever,” whereas Pritongfried mentioned, “Thx for the dose of serotonin.”

Sundea_cherry commented: “Or no longer it is a pup cup event, thanks for showing this I always procure so entirely pleased after we procure to present a pup cup.”

Paige, Nova & Indie Doyle reckoned, “I mediate that is what heaven seems to be worship to them,” whereas Trout & Chicken joked, “Hahaha the absolute chaos.”

Jaclyn Caroline admitted, “That is my dream life,” and Favor a cookie mentioned, “Tale has it they obtained pup cup inebriated.”

ToastyMcFunBun thought: “Lmao that is adorable. [They’re] acting worship a bunch of drunks.”

In a separate video on YouTube, uploaded 2 weeks ago, Yuna introduces her canines. She has 9-year-extinct Boots, aka “the extinct gheezer,” “the barker,” 8-year-extinct Bandit, Plopper, 7, nicknamed “the anxious one,” “the uncommon one” is formally Peanut, 7, whereas 6-year-extinct Fleshy is identified as “the creepy one.”

The last weens are Punkin, steadily referred to as “the jerk,” who’s 3, Meatball, the 8-month-extinct titled “the derpy one,” and within the slay 2-year-extinct Einstein, who she jokingly referred to as “the crusty eyed one.”

The Starbucks puppucino is purported to be piece of their so-referred to as secret menu, which is step by step whipped cream simply served in an espresso cup.

While diverse canines are identified to revel in their puppucinos, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) advises that owners ought to retain canines’ intake of dairy to a minimum.

“Because pets discontinuance no longer have necessary portions of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk), milk and different dairy-primarily based completely mostly products location off them diarrhea or different digestive upset,” the ASPCA says.

Newsweek reached out to @yunabugs and Starbucks for observation.

File photo of group of dachshunds.
A file list of a neighborhood of dachshunds. A video of eight sausage canines having fun with “pup cups” is sending the web wild.
Gorlov/Getty Photos


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