2021 NBA Mock Draft: Oklahoma State's Cade Cunningham is top pick to Pistons ahead of No. 2 Jalen Suggs

Cunningham, the Cowboys’ star freshman guard, has actually showed his abilities this season


The college hoops season is well over halfway to conclusion and March Insanity is ideal around the corner. So with months of video games in the bag for many of this year’s top potential customers, there’s a healthy sample size of action to reflect on what we’ve learned from the season thus far and its impact on the upcoming NBA Draft. Cue the mock draft music!

In this very first in-season NBA mock draft, you’ll notice there aren’t lots of modifications from my preseason mock at the really top of the draft. Still, there have been subtle shifts as an outcome of what we have actually seen on the court and how opinions have actually been swayed in recent months. Some noteworthy names have actually moved down while others have actually moved up, and a handful have left entirely from our first round projections.

So this projection will show the current changes on that front with an updated look at the draft landscape. Because the NBA season is still fairly young, and for that reason the draft order (set by recent SportsLine forecasted win overalls) stays unsettled and hardly concrete, the following mock draft does not considerably consider team needs due to the fact that so much can alter in between now and the draft. Rather, this will function as an useful forecast highlighting what each prospect brings to the table while offering a sense of general ranges in which those potential customers are presently expected to land.

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