The Cecil Hotel has a wild history, one pestered with drug overdoses, murders, suicides, abuse and more dreadful stories.

Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Disappearing at the Cecil Hotel, dives into the most polarizing story: that of Elisa Lam.

Cecil Hotel/Stay on Main– two hotels housed in the same structure, with typical elevators– are located on Los Angeles’ impoverished skid row, which Criminal Activity Scene notes is perhaps a reason for tourists being bugged throughout their stays at the Cecil– something that might have happened to Lam, though there’s no evidence of her interacting with anybody.

Over a week after her disappearance, Lam’s body was discovered naked and floating in the hotel’s rooftop water tank. As of today, there are plenty of theories surrounding Lam’s death, however no one can appear to concur on what occurred.
Elisa Lam reserved a room at Remain on Main in Los Angeles. It becomes part of the well-known Cecil Hotel with a dark history.

If you’re driven to go to the hotel, it’s off-limits for now. A designer is presently transforming the famous hotel into “micro-units” that will act as residential systems, but some floorings will remain hotel suites for future visitors. An official reopening date for the hotel has yet to be revealed, however those interested in strolling the halls that Lam once did will soon be able to do so.


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